What type of fertilizer to use????????

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by HUNTER1, Jul 11, 2011.

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    This past March construction on our house was completed and we moved in (we live in greenville, NC). On Easter weekend, I decided to start work on my yard (it had previously been an agricultural field used to grow soybeans/wheat). It had grown up pretty bad in weeds during the time it took to complete construction on my house, so I broke out the tractor and 18ft plow and disced it up completely. Then my cousin came over with his tractor and power-raked/leveled up the yard. We planted common bermuda using his seeder and tractor.

    Well, now the grass has came up pretty good and I've cut it 4-5 times. I have alot of bermuda growing but an equal amount of weeds. Some bare spots are still present as I have a high amout of clay type soil. I've been told I need to fertilize it but I'm getting mixed reviews on the type of fertilizer to use. I was thinking a 10-10-10 might be a nice start as to help with the root system? What do you professionals think? Sorry about the long post - just wanted to include all relivant information possible. Thanks in advance for any help - its much appreciated.
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    as a professional, I would get a soil sample analyzed at the local extension office and buy fertilizer accordingly. The 10-10-10 should not hurt but you may be wasting money by not buying exactly what you need.
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    I would get a soil sample analyzed as well. And always remember to thoroughly rake it and break it up before you plant.
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    Soil samples are free to all NC residents. Cheap enough.

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