What type of grass seed to use?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by tsh1773, May 4, 2005.

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    I have a new customer who had two oak trees cut down and ground up. I have moved all the mulch out of the yard. Now the front yard is in direct sun light. The remaining grass that was not damaged is centipede, some zoysia, lariopy (sp) and little bit of everything. She mentioned she might want zoysia but when i quoted her the job of seeding the lawn I didnt know zoysia is $27 per 1000 sq ft. Its approximately 4500 sq ft that need seeding. What else should I use and can I find zoysia for less than that?
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    steer her out of zoysia that grass is horrible for a resident unless of course she wants to wait till the middle of may for it to get green, and she doesn't mind the complete dead look in the winter , yes when it finally greens up it is drought tolerant and disease tolerant but i personally think its crap. you can get a 50 lb bag of lescos double eagle it is very good fast germinating seed .

  3. tsh1773

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    Thanks for your help. Any other ideas will be appreciated.
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    Depending how much lawn is left you could either kill what is left and start over with a Bluegrass PRG mix, or you could use zoyzia plugs. As stated above the fall back to warm grasses is the appearance in winter and the late green up.

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