What type of mulch to use?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Adam's Lawn and Garden, May 26, 2006.

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    I'm 16 and got mulch from a supplier up the road from me who sells ALOT of mulch. He convinced me that his mulch doesn't get bugs or crap like termites attracted to it. So i got mulch delivered for my house and my neighbors house. With my luck, a garden center up the highway from here put a thing in the newspaper about ow it kills your plants due to nitrogen depletion, and how they caused the attraction of termites. So this pist me off a bit, mainly because this is where i like buying my mulch from there and it's pretty decent stuff. There is another place better than the place now i can get it from that's alwo dyed. Convenitly, the place that had the add, only sells double shredded hardwood bark stuff. What should i do? the double shredded, only keeps color for less than a month. What's safer for the gardens? Any alternitives?

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    I was told that "green" mulch will deplete nitrogen. I don't know.
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    The dyed mulch used more nitrogen because its a hardwood and needs to break down a lot. If uses the nitrogen for this. Root mulch is the best alternative for this. But if they are mature plants and shrubs... no worries.

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    Move To The South And Get You Some Good Ole Pine Bark Mulch. Don't Have To Worry About Bugs And Termites, Last Longer Than Hardwood Mulch And I Think It Looks Better. But That Is Me B/c I Hate Colored Mulch Unless It Is Faux Mulch Aka (schreaded Tires)
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    well lets put it this way.. I dont want the mulch to last long.. I want to do a good job this season, have a happy customer, then in the spring... they need more mulch...

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