What type of oil?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ACE, Oct 6, 2007.

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    I just bought a 1993 Isuzu NPR (Diesel) and I dont know what kind of oil to use. Please help for any tips on maintenance. Thanks
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    Good buy:clapping: , I own a 94 NPR 4cylinder turbo diesel. Like stated above the Rotella oil is the way to go, WallyWorld has it in gallon containers. Did you get an owners manual with it? If not send me a PM I think I have an extra one.
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    I have used 15w40 Amsoil synthetic in my '99 NPR TD. Change it every few years, change the filters about every 6K. The only thing i ever had go wrong on the truck is an injector at 4k miles, replaced under warranty. The only complaint I ever hear about these motors is that they are noisy. The manual says you should adjust the valves every 50 k miles, I put it off till about 77k miles, then got a recall from Isuzu about a valve spring. So before I took it back to the dealer, I opened up the valve cover, and checked all the springs, and figured WTF, I'm in here anyway, I might as well adjust it while I got the cover off. Easy adjustment, roller cam, just take a big pair of pliers, and bump the crank around by turning the alternater pulley with the pliers in the unused groove in the pulley. Took about an hour, on a slow morning, anyway, put it all back together, put the tools away, started the motor. What motor? Who stole the motor? It ran so quiet, I couldn't believe it! Now every time I pull up next to one at a light, and hear the noise, I think man that guy needs to adjust his valves!:laugh: :laugh:

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