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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by advancedlawncare, Dec 16, 2004.

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    yes I am going to do the be doing the door hanger thing starting in late january and I was wanting to know the average return, percentage wise that I should recieve from this. I am going to be puting out around 2000 or that is the game plan at this point in time. I will be offering free mowings with a signed contract for the year. I am at 12 weekly accounts right now and I had a total of 27 I was doing on a regular basis during the main mowing time of the year. should I double or even triple what I had last year with this door hanger thing.
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    my resonse rate has been about 2-3% or more sometimes as mine stress aerating, when I pass them out. i think the typical response rate to expect is about 1-2%, so from your 2000, expect about 20-40 calls. where you go from there is up to you. it seems to be either hit or miss with them. sometimes I get 0 calls from an area, and then 10 from another. You'll learn something new every day, the key is to use that info the next time!
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    This is my expierence also. Passed out 800 and received about 12 calls, only couple for mowing...others were chem apps or other extra (1 time) jobs. Passed out 1200 in another area and received about 3 calls (1 time jobs). Another 1600 were placed in a "goody bag" at a traveling cooking show, somthing off HGTV.....0 calls!!! Last spring sent out 5000 postcards....picked up a bunch of one time jobs and only 4 mowing accounts.

    Next spring, over a 4 month period, I will be inserting (not me personally) 25,000 flyers in neighborhood newsletters, 6000 doorhangers and 1000 postcards. I am getting excited about all this.

    Best of luck
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    any one actually go and ring door bells? I find this the most time consuming but yet the most efficient. When I passed out 500 flyers for fall clean-ups. I put them in paper boxes. I got 2 calls. One from a guy that I stopped and talked to because he was in the driveway. And another that called from the flyer. Personally I think it would be better to pass out less flyers by going door to door. You need less flyers and you will get jobs closer together. Also think would you hire someone that took the time to stop and talk to you in person or just drop a quick flyer by your house.
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    Most, from what I have read here on lawnsite, that have tried this method has had great success. I think the big issue here is a lot of people lack the confidence or lack of people skills to try this method.
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    Hi twins_lawn_care and walker-talker,

    How many people do you think you had talked to as you handed them out? Was there a link between talking to people and getting more call backs?
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    I personally have never tried this method, going door to door. Truth be known, I didn't even hang the doorhangers, my help did while I was mowing in the neighborhoods. Next spring, when I deliver the hangers, I hope to meet people face to face.

    I think it's no different than dropping off an estimate vs giving the estimate while the customer is there. I kid you not, over the last 4 years I have been doing this I bet I have closed on more than 80% of jobs when giving the estimate to the clients personally and no, I am not lowballing. I would guess just the opposite when I drop them off.....probably only about 20% closing the deals. When this happens they are just going to compare all the other estimates and most likely go with the cheapest.

    I really should keep better track of things like this and where the calls come in from. I try to enter most estimates in on Lawn Monkey and they have a pull down window that you can choose where and whom you got the lead from, in case one of your employees got the lead. I have heard of some companies that reward their employees with sales leads....this would be a good way to track it. Ok, I am starting to ramble now, I will stop.

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