what type of seed should i use?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by vwbus, Feb 29, 2000.

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    my lawn (if you want to call it that) is mostly shaded. there are slptches of sun at certain times of the day. the front lawn is on a complete slope below the road. the drainage sucks, the rain runs from the road to the bottom of the slope and pools on the sidewalk (whole ne problem). the lawm is just infested with moles, both in front and in back. and finally the grass is very clumpy and splotchey. what's my question you ask? where do i begin?, i say. Should i take care of the moles first then re-seed. should i even bother with the working with the grass that is here? HELP ME!!! I WANT A LAWN I CAN AT LEAST LOOK AT WITHOUT GRINGING!! (i'd like to walk on it bare foot too, but one can only ask for so many miricles right?)
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    Where are you at? Get in touch with your local ag-ext. agency.
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    I would be difficult for anyone to make recommendations on your site, without actually seeing the situation in person. In general, you do not expect to have a heatlhy lawn unless it can get 3 to 4 hours of direct sunlight daily.<p>As suggested, your state extension would be a good place to start if you wish to pursue the project yourself. In Indiana, we have a &quot;Master gardener&quot; program. This is a special training by the extension service, and the graduates are used by the extension service to assist individuals like yourself. Check to see if IL has this program.<p>Here is &lt;a href=&quot;http://www.extension.uiuc.edu/welcome.html&quot;&gt;Your state extension&lt;a/&gt;<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana
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    Well I certainly have to agree with the others, checking with you local extension office will help. <br>As for the mole problem, ever watch &quot;Caddy Shack&quot;? I fought with a gopher for 2 years before I caught him. What he would do is just tease the hell out of you. I had a beautiful lawn that felt like carpet, but once that !#$@ gopher came he really tore it up. Moles are the same way until you get rid of the mole you really can't plan on having the best lawn. They simply tear up the yard by pushing the ground up. This breaks the sod and then the lawn will sink as you walk over it. Makes for a real pain to try and mow over as well.<p>I used just about everything to try and get rid of it. Poisons to traps. I even went as far to set off a small explosion when I saw him working. What finally caught him was a trap. You should be able to get a trap for moles also, borrow one from the extension office or buy one at a hardware store. <br>Basically the way that it works is, you place it in last tunnel you saw him working when he comes back through POP!!! You got him, problem is what do you do with the remains? Once watched an old farmer just dig the heel of his boot in the ground in front of a mole and then step on it(more like jump on it). Hope this helps. Once you get the mole then concentrate on the yard. There are different kinds of &quot;shade grass&quot; to purchase.<p>----------<br>Adam<br>Clovis, NM<br>
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    Mole control is simple if you learn how to judge their activity. See &lt;a href=&quot;http://www.agcom.purdue.edu/AgCom/Pubs/pdflinks/ADM-10.html&quot;&gt;Mole Control&lt;/a&gt;, and pay special attention to ID of tunnels on page 2. Trapping is the only effective means of control.<p>Purchasing traps would be useful, because if you have moles now, you will probably have them again in the future. They are territorial, like most animals, so trapping the one in your yard may be a short term victory, until another moves in. This is especially true if you are located in an undeveloped area. However, by learning how and where to set traps, you will be able to get rid of a mole within 3 days of first seeing activity.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana<p>

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