What type of seed to use?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by PT777, Oct 2, 2012.

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    I filled in an inground pool in 2006 and had new screened soil brought in and planted Pennington KBG/RYE mix if I remember. This past summer took a toll on it, but it has come back pretty nice. Its October 2 and I am planning on aerating and was wondering what type of seed to overseed with and how many pounds. Im in Ohio. Im only doing my backyard and it's roughly 10,000 sq. ft. Thanks for any advice!
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    Why not stick with the mix you have now... it might be fun to research and see if there is a new hybrid or something that catches your eye, but otherwise it sounds like you have a winner now... :)
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    If it is really thin 50 pounds of a blue rye blend, I'd it's 85 percent thick 25 would work
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    If it is not irrigated--perhaps your site is a bit too hot for perennial rye. It is fine up to 90 degrees. Sometimes if you plant a mixture of blue and rye--90 percent rye comes up, and not much blue. Perhaps overseed with TTTF, using a top tier cultivar, which is suited for your area and disease resistant. Be sure it has resistance to brown patch and has endophytes for insect resistance. Use 8 pounds per thousand--you need 80 pounds. Costs more--but better. Choose from the top 25 in the NTEP trials--if possible.

    Or...do as Humble suggests, but stay away from cheap seed.

    Check to see how much blue you have--if you find no rhizomes--you have perennial rye. (Or had.)

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