What type of trailer should I buy?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by bdconsoli, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. BradLewisLawnCare

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    I had a 4x6 starting out (no riders), then a 5x8 with a JD 48 in rider which worked well, but after about a year of towing with my RANGER... I lost a lot of power towing because I was forcing my truck to max out every day... that was a 5x8 from tractor supply. Because of the way it sat on the trailer the trailer started to crack. It was then that I realized I should be working with heavier equipment. So I bought a 6x10 enclosed haulmark trailer and a 1/2 ton chevy. This set up was great until I wanted to plow, then I blew the 1/2 tranny because you need a 3/4 ton to plow heavy wet snow. So I bought a 3/4 ton truck with a plow.

    Short story get heavier duty stuff and get a trailer with a dual axle if you want, but more importantly the design of the neck. Tractor supply is putting out some stuff that is engineered somewhat dumb... They make trailers for guys to do a dump run once and a while. Don't buy anything like that. Get a V neck instead of a single bar, but you are getting 6x10-12 anyway. I don't think they make them that crappy. Totally disagree with towing with a ranger. the 5x8 after a while was tough.
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    As far as the truck goes I don't really have a choice, so I need to work with what I have. I don't see why it couldn't handle a 3000lb gvw trailer towing one or two days a week. Hopefully there's a super duty in my future but for now the Ranger's gonna have to do.
  3. bdconsoli

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    BTW I bought the truck before I even thought about doing any type of landscape work, so I didn't buy it with the intention of using it for a business.
  4. BradLewisLawnCare

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    I understand. My Elantra lasted 80kmi before selling at 30% of new cost with delivering pizza and towing a uhaul from AZ to NY... along with towing around the 4x6. You can make it work, but I'd suggest banking as much as possible for a down payment if the ranger decides to die.
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    Imo go with an open. It's easer to load/unload u can see Ur equipment while driving so u know its not moving around u have a wider range of applications (much, stone, tall things) and because of Ur truck it will weigh less allowing u to carry more and the cost will be lower. Hope this helps
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    I am assuming you have a 4.0 ltr ranger with the tow package, if not, I would work on getting a used ½ ton full size truck atleast. The 3.0 ltr will not last towing and thhe 4cly will not do anything! I bought new a 99 4.0 auto ext cab with the factory tow package that would tow anything, it would pull better than my wife’s v8 98 1500 Z71.

    I say you go with an enclosed trailer no matter what. Keep that mower out of the rain, keep all your equipment together, more secure on site, and you do not have to unload/load every day, if you do not have inside storage this will save you time and make for a cleaner area. You can get a single axle 6x12 and put brakes on the axle at the least (that was what I had when I first started). If you can,, go with a 6x12 or 7x12 dual axle with brakes (brakes will make the brakes on your ranger last MUCH longer, all you need is a controller for your truck). Ofcourse get the ramp rear door. They have a 7000# capacity, but you do not need to fully load it, but you have it if you need it. Get a quality trailer, I like Wells Cargo myself, they are VERY STRONG, have torsion axles, great brakes, universal type parts. New they can cost you, but look used. I also like the v nose, as in the wells cargo it adds space, and you can tell the difference when towing a v front compared to a flat front. I added a 2008 7x12 for $2800 and a 2005 6x12 for $1900 this year, both found on craigslist. Both were great when I got them, I did put new bearing and seals on the wheels and one had a missing lug bolt I had to replace, but compared to new I got 2 for one and I will not get mad if the get dented or scratched up (which they will)

    Plus, the big flat sides and back are great for advertising your business!
  7. bdconsoli

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    Yes I have an 05 with the 4.0 and it does have the factory tow package. The more I look I am thinking I'm going to go with an open mostly because of cost.
  8. Puddle of Oil

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    buy an enclosed if you can. if you need to transport debris then go rent an open/dump trailer from your local dealer.
  9. BradLewisLawnCare

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    Ahh forgot to mention i have the 3.0 6 cyl felx fuel version. so 4.0 would be a step up...
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    Ok i will add this if you want a cheaper option . We use alot of 3.0 rangers and they will pull a 5x8 daily a 6x12 all day we even have used a 6.5x14 dual axel in the falls with no problems . now we all know a open is cheaper and a enclosed keeps them dry but it also adds weight to the ranger what we do is we stand plywood on edge and build a 4' wall around the trailer with the 4' gate in the rear . and we paint it . this takes a few 2''x4'' 4' long to brace the walls we put one in the front back and in the center . and then we get exterior paint at wally world and we are done . you can letter them like an enclosed you can haul more debris then an open due to the depth . and at night you simply cover the walls with a tarp and its dry . to add the walls and paint it cost us about 120.00 more then the trailer and it will last years . we have never repaired one and have run them 8 years. just an option.

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