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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by alpine692003, Feb 26, 2004.

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    Okay guys, I've been reading some topics on trailer types and what not..

    I do not know a lot about trailers, actually nothing about trailers!

    I'm just wondering what type of trailer I should get?

    Enclosed / open ?

    I will be storing tools and I would like to haul stuff as well, when I say haul stuff I mean bags of grass clippings, dirt, plants that are in pots!

    So I was thinking enclosed trailer for my tools/equipment and my trunk for the pots of plants!

    Could use some ideas!

    :confused: :confused: :confused:

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    How big do you want to get? Is Dakota V6 or 8? Tow Rating? Enclosed is nice for extra storage- out of the weather-somewhere to go when it really rains hard,(time to wrap trimmer spool)- bathroom-big billboard!!-easier to keep everything locked. But trailer is a lot heaver- more $- harder to see behind-sometimes slower to unload trimmers and little things. Also if you plan to grow into Z-turn and bring everything the enclosed will start to get close to max tow of the truck. Open will give you a lot more deck space at same weight. Does this go into a garage? Enclosed will be taller. How tall are you? I'm getting a new enclosed because i keep hitting my head on my 7x14 which is only right at 6' (hit on light and vent) had to pay extra $ for extra height and special order it that way. If you buy used I don't think you will find one over 6' tall inside. A 6x12 enclosed might be a little tight moving around inside and yet a 7x14 -2 axle might start to be a lot of weight on the truck if you fill it. Enclosed will need brakes (add another $100.00 or so for controler and wiring). I love my enclosed trailer, new is 8x14, but I pull with a Chevy 3500 so towing is not an issue. My new one is almost 5k, the 7x14 used was 3k (1 year old when I bought it) I know I could have bought a 6x12, 1 axle, used for around 2k, and I look at new 6x12 flat for right at 1k(all U.S.$) One other thought, I think I would buy professional made, lockable, racks for a flat, open trailer, which would be a few hundred dollars, but I made all my racks out of wood in the enclosed, mostly out of scrap wood, they do not lock.I always close door when I leave trailer. Find a dealer close to you, get a cardboard box the size of you mower, put it in the trailer you might want and see how easy it is to walk around, remember the trimmers and other things will be on the walls. Hope this all helps and good luck.

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