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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ProChoice, May 16, 2012.

  1. ProChoice

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    its time for a new mowing trailer. i have only had open trailers but im thinking about a 16 foot enclosed. I just hate having to unload all of my equipment at the end of the day. With an enclosed trailer, I can just keep all of the equipment inside it. Im looking to run a 52inch scag zero turn, 60inch scag walkbehind, and a 36inch scag walkbehind. my question is, do you think all 3 mowers will fit in a 16 foot?
  2. orangemower

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    I'm sure they will all fit.

    I'm curious. Why did you ask in the other thread you started about WC claims? If you're really only 15 years old then you can't even get a policy with a insurance company. How are you able to dodge the DOT with a 3/4 ton truck and a dual axle trailer? How are you even driving a 3/4 ton truck if you aren't even old enough to drive yet? You're 15 years old and have 12 commercial accounts? How does one manage all that at a very young age of 15? I think I already know the answer.
  3. waters lawn care

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    I would go with a 18ft trailer i put two 52ztr in mine it is bad tight when one of them has the clam shell bagger on.
  4. TNGrassCutter

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    Kids these days
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  5. ProChoice

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    Whats that suppose to mean?
  6. jsslawncare

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    What's wrong with an open trailer? I lock mine up every night.
  7. ProChoice

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    legally my parents own the company until i turn 18. My parents have helped me out alot, and they know that. As for the driving part, Employes drive the trucks to and from accounts. I may only be 15, but please dont underestimate my abilities.
  8. Jimslawncareservice

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    There's nothing better than enclosed. You never know when you have some bad food.
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    What size trailer do you have now? I would think you would be fine with a 16'. I think it is the perfect size trailer for start up guys. 18' would allow you in the future to be able to load two rider and a walkbehind turned sideways. It all depends on your needs and what your long term goal is for your company. If this is just going to be a short term deal till you go to college then I would just run the smallest trailer you could get away with. If this is something you plan on doing long term then I would probably go with what will meet your needs for however long you plan on keeping the trailer. I personally think enclosed trailers are a luxury item. I started my business in 1999 and juast bought my first enclosed last year. I do wish I would have ran them long before now but it is a lot of money to fork out for a trailer when you are starting up and there is so many other things you need more than a enclosed trailer. One thing of advise I would give you is be smart and dont get in over you r head with equipment payments and all the things you think you need. Keep debt low and save and pay cash whenever you can. Debt gets alot of guys in trouble!!

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