what type of truck for summer 2007

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mike lane lawn care, Sep 24, 2006.

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    If your not legit, i highly doubt they will give you a loan if your working at radioshack. They will ask for a pay stub and will find out just how much you're making. Having a job isnt the hard part, its basically comfort food for them knowing that you will be able to make the payments. You're better off getting it in your parents name. They will give you a way better interest rate and a higher line of credit.
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    thanks, i figurd that if it went in my parents name it would be better al around. My dad technicaly owns my van, as to lower costs it's registered and insured in his hame, but i'm a full time driver to the insurrance company.

    my mom was able to talk the dealer down to a 5.2% interest rate on her rav4, so i'll take her with me, she's tough. my dad on the other hand, drools over cars, he bought his Jeep Grand cherokee within an hour, test drove it, and drove it out. Only to find out that there was a fuel sensor probelm the next day(fixed of couser for free) after a long boyscouts trip a few years back. and his brakes are awful, he's had them done so many times, the car literaly shakes of the road when braking at high speeds.

    If i didn't need to tow a lot i would really be interested in a 2007 GMC canyon with the I-5 engine, it looks really nice. plus all 2007 GM's have a 100,000 mile warranty on them vs. the 36,000 mile for previous years. But if i do get a new silverado, my price would be limited to a stripped down regualr cab, manual trans(never driven a manual) and possibly 2WD, but i'd have the heavier frame and beefier engine. What do you guys think, for towing around less than 2,000 lbs a few times a week, would the GMC canyon with the I-5 be enough? i'm just thinking i would really like brand new and really like an automatic transmission. i know it only has a 4,000 lb tow capacity, and my van has a 6,000 Lb tow capacity, but i think it might be enough. it has more HP than my vortec V6.

    i'll leave it to the pros to give me some comparison.
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    Being in this business more than long enough and putting more than my fair share of scratches, dings, and dents in the vehicles that I have owned durring that time I would recomend not to buy new and purchase a good pickup in what model you are looking for. I will stick again to the 8' bed and v-8 still. trust me that the first scratch you put in your new pickup will hurt badly. Guaranteed with in the first month, no matter how carfull you are.
    Purchase your self a quality used pick up this and in a year or so add on a new picku up for mostly personal use but only do bids and other small non evasive work with.
    Just speaking from experience.
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    If the Van is working out for you....I'd stay with what you have got. Save your money for a down-payment on a fixer-upper house, fix it up and flip it.....in a couple years of doing that, you can have what ever you want. Just trying to put a different spin on this for you......if the van is sufficient and is getting the job done, do something where you get real leverage out of your money to make more money with less effort. If you truely need a different rig, buy one a couple years old with a long bed vs. short bed.
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    Buying a new work truck is stupid. Buy something with 10,000 miles and save 15%-20% right off the top.
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    well the van is in great working order, I could sell it within a year and get a good price, after that an 8 year old van that would have 200,000 miles on it, isn't very appealing. a new rig is a combination of need and want, it would make work easier with the long bed, and i would enjoy the nice new truck for me use. This has to be a work/personal truck for a few years, then i'll get a dedicated work truck. i guess next april, i'll see what i have saved and go from there. and why would i buy a house, i'm planning on at least 4 years of college and an engineering job after that, but keeping landscaping for a second job.
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    if i buy a used truck, say a year or two old one that was leased, then i wouldn't have a warranty, right? I know that buying a brand new truck isn't the smartes move financialy, but doesn't it save in the long run? i plan on rhino lining whatever truck bed i end up getting and puting plastic protectors along the bed rails anyway. i'm just trying to get as much info as possible, because either new or used, it is a heck of a lot of money. i spent 2 months researching mowers before i bought mine, so a truck, i'll be pacing back and forth in my basement with a notepad trying to figure things out.:confused:
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    That, and you can't legally register a vehicle in your name until you are over 18. Found that out from firsthand experince. A few posts later you mention the Canyon having a 2k pound less towing capacity than your van. so why do you want to get rid of it? You just got it? I have been through many trucks in two years, so I am just like you. It is better to save up for a while and buy a nice used truck. The Canyon might look appealing now because it is on the cheaper end of things, but you will regret it the first big trailer you want to haul. Horsepower isn't everything, it is how well the vehicle can handle a decent sized load.:waving:
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    well, i really do like my party wagon:laugh: but a truck would be better for hauling stuff. And lets get all the cards out on the table here, i want a good looking, shiny pickup, i think it's a good status symbol as well as a great work type of vehicle. maybe the canyon is too small, i'll have to keep my eye out on those and the silverado(my first choice) maybe next spring i'll be able to get a really good deal on a left over 2006 truck.
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    personally i wouldnt go new to start payments every month will kill you but if you have the cash saved up buy a nice used truck have it checked out and for landscaping and hauling look into a 3/4 ton...1/2 ton will get it done but a 2500 is nice

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