What type of truck should I buy?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by kelly Lawn, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. kelly Lawn

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    This is my first time posting to the site in a while and I am looking forward to getting your input.

    I have been doing minor landscaping for the past three years as an expansion to my lawn maintenance business. I used a 95' 3/4 ton Chevy last year with a flatbed and 7000 lb GVW dump trailer to do the various jobs last season. I am going to use that truck for an additional lawn crew this coming season so I will need to buy another truck more suited for all types of landscaping. I want something that is versatile and that we can grow into as we start doing larger jobs. The 3/4 ton was not enough to move the gravel, bobcats, etc.

    I am asking for recommendations on types and sizes of truck and trailer combos. I don't have a CDL and am not planning on getting one soon if i don't have to.

    Thanks for any ideas,

  2. procut

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    Maybe like a 4500 chevy with a dump box.
  3. kelly Lawn

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    What are your thought on using dump trailers vs. dump beds. I was thinking of selling my small dump trailer and getting a 16' low wheel 12000# GVRW trailer to pull behind the new truck. Something I can fit a bobcat in and unload it once I get to the jobsite and then use the trailer to get materials.

    Just a thought
  4. Lawnworks

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    That sounds like 50k in debt.
  5. PSUturf

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    If you are going to pull a trailer that is registered at more than 9,999 lbs you need a CDL. When I was in business for myself I had 12000 lb dump trailer that was pulled by a 2003 Chevy 2500HD with the 8.1L gas engine, Allison auto, 4WD, 4.10 rear end. With that powertrain I could pull the trailer, loaded to capacity, with power to spare. I wanted the Duramax but couldn't afford the extra $4000.

    I would recommend a tandem axle trailer with electric brakes regardles of whether it is a flatbed or dump trailer.

    A dump trailer works well when your business is small. You can put all of your tools in the truck and materials in the trailer. As you mentioned it can do double duty hauling equipment and materials.
  6. DiyDave

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    Do a little research on the state and federal laws. Here in Md if you register a truck over 10,000 lbs, you have to stop at the chicken coops (scales), and have a medical card, and commercial in$urance, the hassles just keep adding up. That being said I went with Isuzu NPR diesel, one tight turning tough little 14,000 gvw truck.:hammerhead:
  7. Adam's Lawn and Garden

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    I am looking at getting a new truck this year, and honestly the Switch-N-Go system is the most cost effective solution out there. I got my brochure from Bucks today and there are so many possibilities for the trucks and they can go as low as F-350. Although a like 550 you can get it on and pull alot. They will allow for you to have the flat, dump body, dump bed, drop box, storage box. It gives you the ability to dump, while being able to change beds. And i assume since you're in alaska you can put a salt thing on the back too. The SNG system is about 15K but as etwman will probably say, it is well worth it!

    Just my 2cents, that's what i am going to get at the end of this year.

  8. Chadevergreen

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    I have a 5500 Duramax 4X4 w/ a dump and it's o.k. . I have a few powerstrokes and I like them much better. Make sure you get a PTO dump because the electric dumps are the worst. We have a couple of NQR isuzus and they are great long lasting and low maint. but are terrible on fuel and power on the interstate.
  9. Focal Point Landscapes

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    Welcome to Lawnsite , Chad!

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