What type Plotter / Printer do you use?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by PerfiCut L&L, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. PerfiCut L&L

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    We are looking into getting a printer that will allow us to print oversized prints for our designs and project plans. Something between 17" and 24" wide. At first glance their appears to be a huge price difference, from what appears to be your casual home body Hp designjet printer starting at $400 on up to some hight tech 20 and 30 thousand dollar printers.

    Since I have no knowledge or experience with these type machines, I was wondering what, if any, are others using. And if anyone can summize the printers for dummies :hammerhead: , and bring me up to speed at what I should be looking at.

    Again, our use for this will be light. Probably in the neighborhood of 5-10 print jobs per month. Color is not as important as cost.

  2. ford550

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    Hey PerfiCut L&L,

    I use a HP DesignJet T610. It's a 24" wide color jet printer. Works outstanding. Have had no issues for a year and a half now. My degree is in landscape design from Penn State and back then we did everything by hand. I finally got tired of doing it that way and computer aided designs are a crap load faster to do and revise. I also have Dynascape design and color, coupled with my HP, my client's are always blown away. Sells the job everytime (2 out of 3 closing ratio). I think it was around $2700. I actually leased it, 100% deductible and after 3 years I get a new one. I chose this way because we all now how technology changes and there is no value to owning an outdated piece of technology. I did not shop around because I am a die-hard HP guy. You would not go wrong with the same unit (or whatever is the equivalent now).
  3. PerfiCut L&L

    PerfiCut L&L LawnSite Senior Member
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    Everything we have here is HP and thus far we've been pleased with the quality and reliability of all our products, so I will look into the model you mentioned.

    Anyone else have any suggestions?
  4. bobw

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    For large prints, I use an Epson 1400. Goes up to 13 x 19 which is plenty for me. Cheap to operate and cheap to buy.

    General stuff gets run through a Canon MP750. Print/Scan/Copy works well, again, cheap to operate. I've had a lot of happiness with Canon printers over the years.
  5. Dreams To Designs

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    I use a Designjet 110 for plans up to 24"x36". It is economical to purchase and maintain and does an excellent job for printing. It was purchased directly from HP along with the large paper and extra ink. HP also offers an upgraded version that takes rolls of paper and sheets and comes with a network card installed. I have been fine with the basic model for almost 3 years and it's performance is definitely worth the price.


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