What "Viral" (word-of-mouth) marketing Ideas Have You Used That Worked

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by bobcrane, Apr 20, 2009.

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    We have several customers that can't tell us enough how happy they are with our service. Yet there are very few referrals each year. Most new customers come from a neighbor stopping by to ask for an estimate.

    I'd like to try something beyond the "door hanger, door-to-door, etc" approach. As I understand "viral marketing" it's something that's memorable, easy to share, and is shared because the person sharing is doing the other person a favor. Examples are funny videos/pics going viral, someone telling someone else about Denny's free breakfast, etc.

    What methods have you used? I'm thinking both of potential commercial and residential customers.

    So far the only idea I have had is asking some of my clients to host an ice-cream social type of event for their neighborhood. We would provide all the items necessary, they would provide the location.


  2. I was having the same problem so I decided to do something new this year. I advertised and told my clients that for every new client they got me I would give them a $10.00 credit. This has went over VERY WELL, especially with the older women who you know are coupon cutters. They looked at it as a coupon and they got me calls after calls. Only problem I ran into with that was this one lady got me 8 new clients. That is $80.00,,, however I feel it was well worth the while giving that I had 8 new customers. I simply told them in person then sent them a post card than king them for their patronage and telling them about the program. Good luck and make them talk around town at the diners, the meetings, the church, the family the friends and the competitor!
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    We can even expand this to what ideas you've had but never executed???
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    I constantly advertise on my invoices that I run a special if you refer me to 5 neighbors your lawn is free for the year. So far havent had one person do it. Some people feel that getting me 5 actual neighbors is tough, but at the same time when my average lawn is 40 bux x 36 cuts thats $1620 worth of free work so you gotta work a little for that. Ive even offered credits/discounts for referals but I am finding more and more that people are just lazy and dont want to have to work for anything
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