What was your average price for mowing last year?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by skorum03, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Darryl G

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    There are many reasons to set a minimum. One that's often overlooked is just the administrative time to manage a customer relationship....communication, invoicing, collection, bookkeeping etc. Generally speaking that's the same whether it be a 1,000 square foot or a 2 acre lawn. Then there's of course the travel time, the time to unload/reload 3 or 4 pieces of equipment. There's a certain minimum level of effort required to mow any lawn. Now if you've got one that's next to another at the same stop, that's where you can start knocking off a little bit. But what if you lose the one next door? Then what? Like I said, my minimum is $40 but I do make rare exceptions...currently two, a $25 that's no more than 1,000 sq feet that's the same stop as two others and a cottage grassy parking area that's is owned by one of those two others about a mile up the road that I bill $30 for. I had more to say, but pizza is ready so figure the rest out yourself, lol.
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    Darryl....great point about the administrative costs!! Often overlooked.....

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    There do exist many a cost that do not change, regardless of yard size.

    The time it takes from when the truck pulls up until the lawn mower is on the turf.
    The time it takes to put the mower back on the trailer.
    The time it takes, to pull and start the trimmer, then to shut it back down and put it back.
    One more time for the blower.
    And to load everything back up.

    None of those times above change, no matter what, it takes just as long.

    I have done yards so small I literally spent more time just swapping around than doing actual work.
    Still it took dang nearly 20 minutes, no matter what.

    And yeah, then there's scheduling / deposit / maintenance / etc.

    These costs, for the most part, is what my minimum consists of.
    It's not to be a wise guy, it's to cover that.
  4. skorum03

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    Do you guys figure your hourly rate by looking at total drive to and from the property? Or just time spent mowing, trimming, etc....?

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    If you have a longer drive time, you really need to focus on getting more clients in that area. Not just hope for word of mouth for a year or two - I mean really advertise, talk to neighbors, give good referral credits etc. Two lawns at one stop is great - three is awesome. Like it was mentioned, this will reduce load/unload times etc.

  6. Darryl G

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    Where you work and how much you charge depends a lot on your situation. It's totally different for someone just starting out than it is for someone who has been doing this for a while and has a full schedule. If you have a lot of holes in your schedule you're almost certainly better off driving to where you can find work and pricing more aggressively, assuming you are charging enough to cover your costs. Just getting out there and working can open up a lot of opportunities as well as building your level of experience.
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    Great advice Darryl. I had to do just that. Heck, my first year I was driving over 60 miles in a day to service the properties I had gotten. I'm still driving that far but I have a ton more properties along the way so I'm making out good through the entire route. I'm also working on getting a days route local so I can be finished without higher op costs. I also have almost half of my customers on a 12 month plan! So now I have my 12 month income with a few months of free time. :) I'm into flying electric helicopters now.
  8. skorum03

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    Thanks Daryl. I never really looked at it in the sense of just going where the work is sometimes regardless of distance because a lot of people would say what do you want to go work out there for? And I can see both sides of the argument. Its hard to turn down work when you're just starting up.

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  9. ryan41

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    1 acre, decent amount of trimming how does $60.00 sound?
  10. Creative Cuts

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    $50.00 average few above and few below

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