What Was Your First Mower


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I was ten when I started and started with a Honda SX i will try to get some pic tomorrow of the old thing Its five years older than i am but it was a good mower but it was so heavy to push up and down the road thank god for self propelled
so lets hear what your first mower was!

White Gardens

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For the biz, I started out with a 34" Simplicity Coronet. Though a small homeowner model rider, the thing cuts great and with a 16 horse motor, it out-cuts a lot of walk-behinds.

Still have it, but had to upgrade this year due to picking up a handful of bigger commercial accounts.



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Sedgwick, Maine
Old Old push mower with 3 hp briggs and stratton engine - I was 12 years old when I got my first customer and I used a hand scissor type shears for trimming around buildings and rocks - talk about blisters! I'm getting too soft now I guess. Made $5-6/hr and if I got $500 over the whole summer I thought I was a millionaire. =D Good times! Also got it around in the back of a 15 passenger van! Didn't have much, growing up.

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I started with my Grandpa's 26" Snapper rear engine rider, mowed a few lawns in the neighborhood. My first commercial mower was a Toro 44" hydro walk-behind, absolutely great mower. Had the best cut of any mower I've used. Any Exmark, Everride, Scag, John Deere, I used or demoed could not compare to it. Even with dull blades and a plugged up deck it would leave a smooth cut. Toro really had it figured out with those Proline walk-behinds.


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Hickory NC
First mower was a craftsman professional 27hp v-twin engine/54" deck and a Toro proline 37. I still have the Toro can't kill it!
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Glenn Lawn Care

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52" scag
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scotts lawn care

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Toro 21" push