what weird things do your customers do?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by all ferris, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. all ferris

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    What weird things do your customers do?

    I have a guy that pays more than he has to every month. When I asked him about it he said he knows he does it and the reason he does it is in case he forgets a month (he hasn't forgot in the 5 years he has been a customer). So for the past 5 years he has had at least 1 month of credit.

    Another customer insists on giving me a dr. pepper after I'm done (I hate dr. pepper) cutting the lawn. I just bring them home to my wife.

    I had a customer that would turn the irrigation system on after I left. It took me about 5 months to figure out why I couldn't kill the weeds in her yard.

    The best is the customer that covers the dog poo in her back yard with plant pots. I learned very quickly not to pick up the pots after I got a hand full of poo.
  2. KINGjosh

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    i have an older lady that wants to do me! every time i cut her grass she leaves her curtain open, and walks around in her underware. one day i will hit it.
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    hahah oh man
  4. alpine692003

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    I have this one customer that would stand over our shoulders and watch us mow the lawn..

  5. RedWingsDet

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    man oh man.... a few weeks ago... one of my customers, is a lady, a big hott MILF! anyway, when ever I go over, she always comes outside screaming my name asking me to do some extra stuff, and when she comes, she grabs my hand, and then sometimes makes my hand hitt her ass.... Anyway for the funny part....

    Me, and my helper are raking her leaves, she comes outside asking if we want coffee, no big deal, we said sure.... she brings it out, goes back inside... 5 minutes later she comes back out asking if we ate lunch yet, we said no, and i also said were not hungrey (i want to get done and leave it was saturday and had about 15more lawns ahead of me and it was already 2pm) but she insisted to make us lunch, now for the good part... We go inside, shes being HELLA PROVOCATIVE, she stands on the chair and of course she makes her pants fall just a little so we see her thong. she comes down and bends over right in front of us to grab the phone. THEN as im throwing the plate away my hand bumps her butt and she goes "ohhh" like she liked it.... Anyway, there was someother crazy stuff that she does. I was soooo tempted to be like "do you have a bathroom my d!ck kills (say it to get her all horny more) then end up doing her" but that'd be pretty dumb, because maybe it was just a cowincadice(cant spell) of it all or maybe she really wants the young ding dong.

    talk about funny though. ill never forget that, everytime i think of that I laugh hard.
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    Oh God! Lets move this thread to the Off-Topic Forum!! :dizzy:


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    Doing customers????

    Run, run, run, don't look back!

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    I have a customer, he's from India, all his extended family lives with him. One of the women there grows all these peppers to make homemade spices. But she leaves the spices out to sun-dry in the backyard on a piece of newspaper. I wonder how the spices taste with a little fescue mixed in...
  9. kickin sum grass

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    I had a female customer about my age. very hot. She was always very flirtatous with me. always came out and said great to see ya. Always watched me work from the deck. Sometime didn't wear much. Alway commented that no matter what I was there on the same day same time. Always said everything looked great. I got the vibes but kept a reasonable distance as she was married. Well this spring I show up for the first cut and she comes out and says shes so glad I am doing her lawn again this year and can't wait to get thing going. She kinda cornered me and rubbed my arm a little and I just said it will be great working for you again and moved on. The second week she came out and had a drink in her hand for me. I started drinking it and she said she could put some jack in it if I liked. I said no thanks. As I was finishing she started rubbing my back ALOT. I turned away and dump the cup and said all finished better get to work and she got a wicked look on her face. When I got done she said see ya next weekend everything looks great. Two days later she calls and says she no longer needs my service as she is having money problems. Well, I do the people behind her and next to her. So I am working those properties the next week and another lco pulls up and starts mowing. I just waved and laughed. Later the guy next to her said she said that this new lco was much more "friendly" than I was. They all say she is the tramp of the hood.
    Now if she was single this would have turned out different I am sure. :)
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    pray brother, pray

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