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'what were they thinking'


LawnSite Senior Member
south east ny
this is actually a pic from last season...we serviced the home this season.

i was totally speechless when i saw this one again!!! makes me yearn for licenscing up here...

funny pvc plumbing coming out of home.jpg


LawnSite Senior Member
Actually it looks like a little southern style-

I believe you are the folks that have not yet heard of poly pipe!


LawnSite Member
Sumter SC
Looks pretty good to me. Where does the black hose go, to the washing machine?


LawnSite Senior Member
Apopka Florida
When, my wife and i moved into the house we have now, you had to see the jack leg system that the former owner had in place, what a joke most of the parts came from HD. pure junk.

There was just no flow to the system, i mean where he place the heads or the zones made no sense at all.

It took a buddey of mine that is in this area a few days to even make this monster work rite.