What wheels to buy???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scagman, Jan 29, 2002.

  1. scagman

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    Im going to buy a 2 wheeled sulky for my new mower that im buying. I Have seen three different ones: Velke X2 (on landscapersupply), Jungle wheels and the bronco rider. I have only tried the jungle wheels I like these because they match my mower and their pretty smooth. The broncorider seems bulky but stable and built to last. You can also change out the platform when its worn out. I dont know much about the velke x2 looks like the jungle wheels to me. Whats the better out of the three. I dont want a proslide.
  2. All 3 you could change out almost every part.

    The Jungle wheels boust on the fact that they help apply down pressure to the front of the mower, which in my opion and my trials and tribulations, are their biggest weakness. It's what wears them out the fastest. They don't fold over when you hang them up so they get in the way. Even if you greased them 2x a day.

    The Bronco rider I never really tried.

    The Velke X2 made by Wright MFG is tough as nails. Stable easy maint. cost effective available parts. Folds up out of the way and hangs nicily on a mower. Comes in orange, black, green and of course RED. However their mount to the mower can wear out easily, even if you greased them x2 daily
  3. scagman

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    L.G.F your talking about the same velke x 2 that they sell through www.landscapersupply.com correct. Your also saying that those are the ones to buy. Thanks for the advice I will most likely take it, you seem like a pretty knowlegeable guy thanks for all the input on my previous threads also.
  4. I'm talking about this one.


    Not sure what other colors they stock.
  5. PaulJ

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    If your are running a gear drive, use a Velke X2 instead of the Jungle wheels 'cause the platform will turn all the way around and you can back up. For a hydro I would try a Bull Rider ( the same company as bronco rider) , or another sulky that uses castors and a fixed platform so you can back up withot getting off. The Bull rider can be used either as a fixed or a trailing type. Just my
    humble opinions.
  6. scagman

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    Do sulkys with castors back up easier??
  7. How much do you back up anyways? Us very little to none.

    When it does need to be done, it's not hard to do. Just a little practice

    It's just like back a trailer.
  8. thfireman

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    I have a Scag Hydro and a single wheel Velke (I know I need to grow up) and I can back up without much trouble and never step off. But be carefull because when it does go wrong it goes fast and you can break your foot. I always thought that a caster type would feel like it was going to sling you off the platform...??? I have never been on a caster type so maybe some one can let me know what it is like to turn on a caster type.

  9. eslawns

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    I use the Velke 2W. If you weigh more than 180, the single wheel will wear out bearings and twist the hitch loose. Much better ride on the 2W also.
  10. thfireman

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    Ohhh!! So thats why my bushings and hitch wear out so fast, it's because of my fat butt being dragged all over the place!!! LOL, I definatly got to get a 2 wheeler now... Really, thanks for the info. I am ready ro ride in style so I am going shopping and see what I can come up with. Thanks.


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