what whould you charge for this repair?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Jason Pallas, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. Jason Pallas

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    Just curious - what would most of you charge for this repair #1) replace recoil cord on Toro CR2000 snow blower (remember a good deal crap has to come off before you can get to the recoil on this model) - took about 45 mins #2) clean out carb and adjusted high/low speed adjustment valves/screws on Toro s200 snow blower.
    I did this while the guy waited and watched - charged him $40 - I figured it was a bit high (maybe) - but he did get the stuff back right away (shop said it would take 7-10 days). I was happy , he was more than happy and I went to the hardware to buy some tools (bolt extractors) that I needed. Maybe I should have charged more ? I'm happy with the deal, but maybe I shoulda chrged more - what ya think (he did get two units fixed in 1hr for $40) BTW this guy only does a few accounts 30-35 so it's not like he's got $ to burn on repairs. Open to your thoughts.
  2. xcopterdoc

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    If you are happy and he is happy then its a good deal.
  3. Shultz

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    Perhaps too low, the shops around here charge $55/hr, but thats why I do my own stuff. If you feel ok about it, don't have too much overhead to cover, and the repairs worked, its a great deal for everyone. I'll send you 10 if you can tell me how to get my ccr 2000 to quit leaking gas and the repair works.....replaced float needle, all the gaskets and it leaks gas out of the overflow opposite from the gas line. So far its been $40 in gaskets and needles and still have gas on the floor after priming and using. Thanks
  4. CNE

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    If both of you are happy, so be it.
  5. spoolinaround

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  6. Jason Pallas

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    Shultz - that's the ccr 2000 right? It has the better carb (not like the diaphragm crap that the s-200 have) right? Let me think about this one for a bit - I've run accross this prob before with these carbs. I just have to remember what it was (it was tough to troubleshoot though - I remember that). If it is the diaphragm carb, check to make sure that the air release hole/vent in the bottom of the carb (what would be the float bowl area) is unobstructed. If it isn't, clear away the debris. This is really important, it allows the diaphragm to work properly. Otherwise it'll flood constantly.

    Shultz - if you replaced the float needle - did you do a visual check of the float needle seat (where the needle seats up in the fuel valve area of the carb). I've had crap get caught up in here and the new needle valve just leaks like a faucet because it can't seat right because of the crap in there. Let me know.
  7. Shultz

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    it has the float bowl not the diaphram. I will pull the bowl and check the seat to see if there is any junk up in the seat. It does not leak a ton of gas, just enough to leave a 2 " circle over a couple of days, especially if I prime the blower before starting. On the right side of the crab, the fuel hose is connected, and on the left, there is a tube coming out with nothing attached. I think that is where the fuel comes out, as its above the float bown gasket. Is there supposed to have anything attached there?

    Also, when I dismantled the carb the last time, there is a tiny spring clip to hold the float pin in palce, that would not stay on, any tricks there?

    Thanks again for your help.

  8. atcomo

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    Read your posting that you were using the toro s200. Do you think you could tell me how to adjust the carburetor. My carb has two screws. Seems that when I start to throw snow it stalls. It starts OK and idles OK

    I don't have any owners manual and really would appreciate any help you can give me\

    Thank you
  9. SER

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    Jason Pallas;
    Read your post about how much to charge. You have to keep some things in mind. Some repair people will tell you that you didnt charge enough, I think so too. That guy got off real cheap. But also you have to keep in mind what the market will bear, and is the machine worth putting that much money into it. Many of the guys I know that do repairs, charge about $50.00 and up per hour. I dont charge that much as I have little to no overhead.
    I used to think if I undercharge people they would keep coming back,or tell their friends about you. They do come back and they do tell their friends. They tell them how cheap you are and expect repairs done quickly and cheaply. So its a matter of charging a fair price upfront, and doing honest DEPENDABLE work. I found out the hard way that if you do dependable work and charge what the market will bear, you will get repeat customers. Also its a matter of opinion, dont let your customers be around you when you are fixing their machines. Just food for thought.
    I guarantee it! Good luck.
    SER :)

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