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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by topsites, Jul 25, 2006.

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    From my experience, the only two things I found that work are this:

    First, whichever method you decide on, once you inform your deadbeat that you will do whatever if they don't pay, you have to be ready (and preferably able) to follow through. If you can't follow through on the threat, there's just not much sense in even trying (yeah because punks will test you).

    The first method is an ultimatum, meaning basically you let them know something really bad is going to happen to them. Whether you tell them what this is or not, you have to be careful here, it can't involve violence or vandalism or anything like that, it has to be legal. Every once in a while you run into someone that's cool with whatever's going to happen (funny but true), but for all the rest of them it works and it's fast as you usually don't have to wait much longer. Stuff like showing up one day with a camera and just take a slew of pictures of their yard and then leave (it's actually best to do it when they're not home), and if that's all you do, make a bit of a show of it but don't be obvious in that way, you will get paid LOL.

    The second method I know is to inform them for real that this is never going to be over. Stuff like 3 years on the statute of limitations and 7 years on the credit record and this and that and the other and it's just not going away. I find this one works as well if not better, the problem is it can consume time and you may have to wait a few months, then a few years, and still all of them will not pay but so it goes.

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