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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by jbob, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. jbob

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    i got a call to do a spring cleanup on a yard that is full of old pine trees on sandy soil. roots are exposed everywhere. many so high my deck almost hangs up on my mower. i do not think anything has been done to this property in several years. customer wants to know the cheapest way to get yard in decent shape. i am a cut and trim guy not a landscaper(which i told him). i told him all i knew to do was put top soil down and hydroseed. does anyone else have better idea?
  2. mow2nd

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    break out the rake and start cleaning. I wouldnt get my mower on it. I agree with you about putting down some top soil and seeding.

    good luck
  3. NickN

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    Get a pull behind sweeper.That will take care of all the pine needles.You may have to blow some of the needles away from the roots so your mower deck doesn't hang.Turn the blades on the mower and sweep up the clippings as you go.
    As far as grass.I don't know too many grasses that will grow under pine trees.They could always mulch around the trees and over the roots.My family is from Mississippi so I know what you're up against with that sandy soil and pines.
    If the roots are far away from the trunk of the tree and not under the canopy,you could cover with topsoil and seed.
    Then take those pine needles and sell them to another customer as mulch.:D
  4. jbob

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    talked to someone today that says i need to go with a few inches of sand then top soil or i will kill the trees. i do not think a sweeper would work. would hang and bounce on roots. i have a cyclone rake which may vacuum up or use back back blower to blow to where i can run over and vac up.
  5. D Felix

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    If you are talking about 2-3 inches of soil, you should be fine putting that down. I would suggest thouroughly composted compost, instead of top soil though.

    If the roots are already at and above the surface, then you probably will not have any trouble covering them back up. Just don't use a skidsteer to spread everything and compact the soil and destroy the root zone....

  6. PaulJ

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    You can bring the soil up to the tops of the roots or an inch or two over without hurting the trees. You Don't want to bury the rots under several inches ov soil, this will harm the tree by blocking air to the roots.
  7. Danimal

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    centipede does fine under pines. You may want to checkthe ph though.

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