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    O.K. ya'll I am in the irrigation buisness already for last 5 years my son who is 16 has a few people he services in the lawn maint. side but does this w/a 21" toro,a weed eater,weedeater hand held blower I am interested in helping him upgrade he going to keep these items but I know he could benefit w/better equipment if ya'll would please help me for i have no idea about the lawn maint. side.Like a zero turn we have looked at exmark,what about backpack blower,edger,string trimmer he will only be doing the basics but is willing to work hard but not w/me he feels he would do better w/ this and I can't says I blame him.So if ya'lldon't mind please give me some hints we are in mid-west GA. lots of bermuda some help would be greatly appreciated.Just remember please edge,mow.and blow he is only 16 w/truck, trailer and a little cash and ambition thanks again.
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    Exmark is a good choice. Maybe he should start with a walk-behind. Just an idea, the Turf Tracers are excellent mowers. Their Zs are good too but there are mixed reviews on the Triton deck.

    Backpack blower? If money's not an object I say Stihl BR600. Otherwise just have him get a handheld like the BG85.

    String trimmer, Stihl FS80 2-stroke.

    Edger, I dunno, I have an Echo PE-311 and it has gobs of power. I guess the Stihl stick edgers are great too. If you're thinking walk-behind edger, Tanaka, Little Wonder, McLane or Brown(the company that makes the bed edger) make good stuff.
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    Like said above, look at a walkbehind I was going to get a ztr but instead got a walkbehind used at a fraction the price and am much happier with it! I also like the BR600 backpack blower and really any stihl trimmer would be fine for him. I like my FS110R but if you only use it for trimming i can see how it would be a bit much!

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    thanks ya'll

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