what would be the best way to spread sand?


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one of my customers wants sand spread over an existing lawn to level it up. Claims that someone has done this and it worked. what type of spreadder or what ever would work? how many applications would it take? i don't want to smoother out the grass which is bermuda by the way. this one is new to me. any suggestions?


I bought a used topdresser off of a golf course. It is self propelled (5hp kohler) and holds quite a bit of material. (sand, topsoil, compost)
This does a great job but are very expensive new.
Look for a used one or get a lot of customers that want topdressing.


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I got white sand and spread it on my lawn using a wheelbarrow and shovel, then I used a rake to level it. I only did spots, so the sand never got more than 2" deep. This isn't the best time to put it on because the Bermudagrass will soon stop growing and then all those white sand spots will be visible during the winter.