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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BTLawncare, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. BTLawncare

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    Hello, during our season last year we saw a shift towards more landscaping and hardscaping. After evaluating which direction we were heading, we decided to do less "mow only" accounts and only take on the "full service" type accounts. Like mowing and all other landscape maintenance services, as well as those who wanted any landscaping and/or hardscape work done. We do have quite a few clients that have us mow and do many other task through the year and we prefer those types of accounts.
    My question is...What would be the best way to advertise for those types of accounts, meaning, what type of language used in the ads would best describe those types of preferred clients?

    Would it sound okay to say something like,.. "Full service maintenance only". Our intent is to minimize the ones who are calling only for weekly mowing.

    Hopefully there is no confusion in what I'm asking. Thank you for any help.
  2. jc1

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    If your name is " BTLawncare" that alone implies lawn mowing to a potential client.
    If your Name is BTLandscaping and Lawn Care. That will attract other types of service.
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  3. BTLawncare

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    I appreciate the input, but I'm not referring to a name, I'm asking how to word the language on say, a door hanger so as not to attract mow only callers.
  4. gardensnake

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    Hard to pick up full-service only accounts by wording it on a flyer. Thats too selective. Heck most people dont even read the entire flyer just call and ask if you can provide them what they need. I know because when we advertise fertilizer some people still call and ask if we could do this or that.

    You could also deter some good accounts by making them think they don't meed the criteria? They may ask for grass cutting only but in your professional opinion you know they need more than that and can upsell them based on your knowledge.

    its easier to just create questions and ask when they call you in order filter the lead accordingly. i know if youre solo and answer your own calls it can be annoying but its like catch 22 otherwise
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  5. JMK26

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    By putting "Full service only" you may be minimizing upselling to mow only clients.

    Someone sees "Full maintenance only' they may not call because their first priority is mowing because the lawn is overgrown and they're too busy but in reality they have shrubs to trim, mulch to install etc. it's just not a priority right now so they're not thinking about it and will skip because all they want RIGHT NOW is mowing....

    Plus what if a neighbor to a full service wants mow only? There are exceptions to every rule and you may be planning for that, but keep in mind that if you limit your advertising to full service you'll be missing a lot of people that may jump into full service after a mow only season....

    sorry I don't have an answer to your question, but wanted to point out a couple things in case you didn't think about them.
  6. jc1

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    If your name implies lawn care why would someone call when they want pavers or landscape installation was my point.
    Don't use the word mow, mowing , cutting, lawn, lawn care. Use landscaping, hardscaping, installation, design in advertisements.
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  7. BigJlittleC

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    It easier to filter the leads as they come in then try to filter before the call.
  8. BTLawncare

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    Good points. I like the idea of maybe asking a few questions once the call comes in. I'll have to make a short list to get a feel for their overall expectations about the rest of their landscape needs. Thank you
  9. North Idaho Dream

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    I agree with what has already been stated above. JMK is right!! If you put Full Service only, you will miss out on some opportunities.
    Showing up to each estimate and not miss the ability to upsell or see something they may not. A lot of customers may alresady have a different company for different services and you have to build those relationships to where they will eventually just go with you.

    Just a little minor advice...
    Language would be English, Spanish, etc. Now, using the correct verbiage to attract Full Service accounts is what you are searching for. :)

    Best of Luck!!!
  10. BTLawncare

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    I can agree with that. That is of course how we build our businesses in the first place. Most of the time. I just wasn't sure if I could filter them from the start. With that being said, I do have to say that our lowest paying customer for over 6 years became our highest paying last season due to some landscaping and hardscape work. He was for the most part a mow only client. Thank you
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