What Would the Charge Be?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Landscape Poet, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Landscape Poet

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    Pure laziness my friend. I was not going for "purty" as I simple did not care. I wanted to get in and out as fast as I could. I had not intentions of attempting to gain work in that neighborhood nor did I care if the property owner asked me back to ever service there property again. I simple wanted a quick few bucks on my day off on a off week. :clapping::clapping:
  2. zturncutter

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    Well Ahhhhh I will give you an A for honesty anyway :dizzy:
  3. Ric

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    Washingtonian Palms are just plain nasty to trim. IMHO any price under a Hundred each or $ 200 for both is cheating your self. BTW I am not even talking a De-booting at that price. However the boots need trimmed if you aren't going to de-boot. I hate trying to price off of pictures because you really can't see every thing. Therefore upon seeing the job in person My price won't go down but might double or more.

    If I am high bidder and don't get the job, OH Well no biggie. Trimming these palms is hard work and a few of cuts on your hands from the thorns. It is Not the type of fast buck work I want to do.

  4. unkownfl

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    That wasn't fair the first picture did no justice on what the job entailed. I would have charged $300 and removed both palms and did them a favor of getting rid of those maintenance hogs. I wouldn't have trimmed those for less than $150 a piece if I had to haul it away. I assure you that it would have fit in my truck if it fit on your trailer.
  5. jvanvliet

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    :hammerhead: Bait and switch; should have shown those pictures first...
  6. 01thump

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    Just did six palms today they where not as bad as those pix but charged 65 each (cause it was a regular)hauled away the crap and had two rats drop out of them landfill 18 bucks will charge 40 for that helps with the gas to get there ...took us 1 and a half hours with a complete clean up then we where off to the next job...
  7. Landscape Poet

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    Welcome to the LS thump!:waving::waving::waving:
  8. 01thump

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    from orlando
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    Thank you sir... i have been looking and learning from this site...i just bought out the company i was working for as of tomorrow i am a new owner and will be picking up all my new equipment tomorrow from the shop ..i will post some pix of it in the picture section i am very excited about this i have all commercial accounts that basically got handed to me ..i have been servicing these clients since july of last year so it was easy for them to take me on i am all about customer service and i guess it shows they are keeping me.. :)
  9. Landscape Poet

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    Hey Thump ....congratulations on your new company. Link us into your picture thread when you get it up and going from here so we get to know you. This site is full of good people so I am sure you will enjoy it. You will get as much out of it as you put into it.
  10. GreenT

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    Whazzup Mike?

    You were bidding $100 each on these not too long ago....


    Dunno.... the ones in this thread look even worse.

    Anyway, didn't we agree 25 bucks a pop was the going rate in FL?.....


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