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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Landscape Poet, Feb 13, 2012.

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    Essentially. There was no need to press the issue and play games. I had already taken the time and resources to go give the estimate. A free estimate mind you as that is standard business practice as you well know down here.

    When I arrived and seen those....I could do two things. Swing for the fences and insist that I deboot, trim and that he pay me top dollar and most likely go home empty handed after wasting my time to drive there, talk to him and using my fuel to do both. And I think you know that the same kind of customer that allows their property to get like this in the first place...is not interested in top quality work. They are interested in getting the HOA off there back or wife or whatever else finally brought this to his attention.

    Or ---I could listen to what the guy wanted.....get a feel for him.....and give him the best price I could do get the job and go home with money in my pocket and not making the day a total waste. So that is what I did. I explained to him what I would do...gave him the price.....he agreed....the job got done in roughly a hour solo and put close to $200.00 in my pocket for my efforts of getting up in the morning.

    Now as already stated in the thread....if I had wanted extra work in the neighborhood....if I thought the guy was going to give me good leads that would lead to more good work.....maybe I would of did it different. But I am good on accounts and only care about getting them in neighborhoods that we are in as route density is how I will grow this year as we are very full and I am not spending fuel driving all over gods green earth to gain a extra account with fuel at soon to be $4.00 a gallon.

    I accessed the situation......made the most out of it. Most of all I am not afraid to admit that unlike many turds on here that claim they only do top notch work! Top notch work is fine....get it when you can....but you have to work harder to get that fruit at the top of the tree. Sometimes it is much easier and quicker to just grab the fruit hanging on the bottom of the tree and be on your way!
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    No arguement from me. Profitable work is profitable work.
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  3. See I don't agree with you on all this. Yea, it's harder to get the fruits but that is part of trimming palms. So you charged this guy $200 to do these(which is good) but your not gonna remove the fruits bc it requires more work? This guy could of had a company with a bucket do those for less than you charged and got all the fruits out. I just don't agree with that logic. I'm not making what I want but I'm gonna short change the job. But when you get done quicker than expected, you don't give a refund, right? I've bid jobs that would take me longer than I budgeted for, but I didn't leave the job 80% done. Sorry, I just don't agree with that line of thinking.
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    Again, where did I ever say that I left the guy's job short changed. I told him what I was going to do, he agreed to the price, I completed the actions that I said I would do, collected my money and got the hell on down the road.

    Now if I had bid a big install job and I ran over budget at 80% of completion. I am most likely like you, I will eat it if I can afford to as I was the assjack that bid it that low without taking all things into consideration. Now if there were issues that were out of my control or situations which the home owner caused the delay....I have no issue explaining to the home owner and asking to meet in the middle. It would be hard I would imagine as I have not had this happen yet but I know I would explain and try to cover my own butt not just keep on driving the sinking ship.
  5. I read you agreed to things, but you didn't mention removing fruits so I figured that was something you were going to do. I never give a set price on installs. My estimates state that they are just that, estimates. If I need more, they get billed for more. If less, less.
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    Good for you. Just out of curiosity, how did you do the job?
  7. Landscape Poet

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    Stihl HT 131 - like another poster said. It reached far enough and I am fortunate to be large enough and strong enough to hold it steady even at those heights without too much of a issue. No ladder even needed. That is the original pictured palms.

    We never did get a call back on the two picture Green T posted. I figured we would be out of budget for that person. And that was bid was essentially a bid that was put in for a guy that does some work for me from time to time and what he said he would do it for. I am too damn big to be shimming my butt up a palm of any size. Big Boys make big noise when we fall. Not going to happen....but this guy is a skinny little guy and has no issue with it.
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    Not to get off track here but I understand there in HI you guys use something else called palm tree spikes (which do not harm the palm). Can you tell us more?
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    Palm tree spikes do harm the trees. They provide entry points for insects and diseases. However, they are the only option for trees planted in inaccessible locations. Whether the tree is spiked or accessed with a lift does not change the price.
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    Spurs, actually. They damage the palm, but hackers use them anyway.

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