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what would u charge?


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started at 930am cleaned up a compost pile and fetilized her 5k yard.As i continued working she keeps stopping me to chat,then she asked me to clean up about a ton of scrap wood. took 2 FULL loads of crap from her yard on my 11'8" trailor also cleaned up a grape vine.Everything has been piled up for at least 7 years when her hubby died.Also trimmed a desent size shrub.ended the day there at 6:30pm. Also since i dont have a dump i had to unload trailor by hand...anyone give me a ballpark on what you would charge for that kinda work?I did it all for 300.00...she seemed a little upset with the price:mad: ....does that sound like too much?:confused:


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Flint, Michigan
9:30 to 6:30 minus 1 hour for lunch... 8 hrs. = $320. Time driving to dump (2nd time, - I assume the first dump time was in the first set of time). 30 min? 45 min.? $20 conservatively. Dump fee.... handling.... (x2) 40 x 2 = $80.
Time unloading 2nd load. .75 hr. = $30.

Ok.... Total is $450. This is for a business to make it. Don't forfet, this gross.
-$80 for dump fee/handling charge.
-20 for gas, insurance, wear and tear.
30% out for taxes.
$350 - taxes.... =$245.
Now, how much do you pay the business, and how much do you pay youself? Divide that out, and there you will have your answer. If the business made $100. of this deal, you just made $14. an hour.
Don't forget to put some of that away for retirement and medical.


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$450. on a big job like that, she can talk to me all she wants for $50 per hour!
I'd include the dump fees in a large job like that if I bid it earlier, but by the hour, it would be added, so with the lunch break, $450. I think she should be happy with your price, even consider herself lucky!


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thanks for all the input i was just curious to see if i charged too much....now on another bid i was offered a job to remove 5 stumps and the roots.Dig down 4 inches around the stump and roots and topsoil over the whole mess and plant grass i bid it at 600.00?