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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowwithhustler's, Oct 25, 2002.

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    Today i was mowing with my super z hustler 60inch zrt, and i was in a development, Imow this yard and it is one of my favorite yards. Well any ways i looked over at the next door neigbors house, and there was this good lookin chick outside laying out in the sun with no top on. She was on her padieo, i guess she didnt think that i could see her threw the thick lealands planted there, but i did, and i kept on starring at her. Well i looked up and it was too late i hit a huge oak tree it warped my deck i mean it really tore my mower up so what should i do? i men ai know it was stupid but i should have taken a pic of this chick.
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    I would find a good lawyer, and sue the girl for compensation.:blob3: :blob3: Just kidding, you live and learn.
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    fataly shoot myself

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    I am sorry about your luck with the girl show but the two responses that I have just read are extremly funny!
  5. Ok you were staring at her through thick shrubs so you couldn't have been moving or moving "real" slow inorder to keep you eyes focused.

    Now we got that staright, how the heck did you warp the deck on a Hustler Super Z? They have over built their deck.

    Sorry dude no one is going to buy this.......................
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    i think we have a mowing peeping tom on our hands:D
  7. Not me dude.......................!!!

    In the past I had to keep an eye on the other employees'.
  8. Jimbo

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    I dont know where you live but it has been a Tit Nippley to be sun bathing around my neck of the woods.
    I guess you need to buy a new deck or fix the one you broke. But first buy a good digital camera so you can post some photos. ou know what they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

  9. Arnold

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    I would remove the bent deck, hang it on the wall just to remined me that next time I should stop the mower.
  10. While he said he should have taken a photo, why not just shoot a pic of this warped deck mower and post it also.

    Just click the "browse" button below this box and attatch the file, then pick the file of the trashed mower, then hit submit so we can all see it.

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