what would yo pay for this scag?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bicslawnservice, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. bicslawnservice

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  2. MikeKle

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    A bit high for a belt drive 48", even though it is a 2006? Im guessing it has no hour meter either? hard to tell how much its been used, I would drive it around and see if anything feels loose or worn out, tranny especially.
  3. topsites

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    If it's in as good condition as it looks I'm guessing he might come down a
    little but for comparison a new 48" Toro fixed deck gear drive is $3,700.
  4. Kutz Lawns

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    Low, low, low hours, what are they then?

    Don't all commercial mowers have hour meters?

    GD, I'll never understand people!
  5. topsites

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    Most Wb's don't come with meters from the factory, only Ztr's and not even all of those.
    Now that you mention it that machine might not have quite as low (low low) hours as it claims,
    unfortunately once an ad speaks in hype that usually means buyer beware.

    But you really should be able to look at a machine and go from there,
    for that kind of money it would have to be in good-excellent condition,
    either a machine has low hours on it and it looks good or it doesn't...

    You can't just hide a thousand hours worth of wear, and if they painted it that would usually show as well.
    Speaking for myself I do believe it's a residential use mower, why would the seller lie about that?

    As for the actual hours, that would likely be the deal maker or breaker...
    Whether I would pay 2500 for it would depend entirely on the overall condition but there's no way to tell from
    the pictures, they tell a lot but unfortunately they don't tell the whole story and even more so there's no way I
    would make a decision with someone else's $2500 based on what little I know so you'd have to go look at it...

    And it might be a wasted trip, that much I think any buyer should be prepared for but that's almost always the case, isn't it?
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  6. Mahoney3223

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    I bought my very first commercial w.b. scag in 03. I paid 2200 for a swz 48 15hp kaw. with sulky. it was an 02 model. thing was like new. and topsites is right. most new w.b.'s do NOT have hour meters from the factory...they just started that recently.
  7. RLLServicesCT

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    If you know how to work a deal, you have a 'seemingly' smart buy. However whenever buying used equip. always test, let run, drive around, etc...like always, but the hour meter may be a deal maker for you as well...plus point out its a belt drive = worth lesser than hydros etc... and if he is a home owner you should be able to use your knowledge to benefit the deal.
  8. clean_cut

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    I bought a used hydo for $2500 over the summer. It was suppose to have around 100 hours on it, but I'm not sure if it did, it was around an 05 or 06. I would look around a little more if I were you, thats just me though.
  9. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
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    I did want to add to the thread because I gave this some more thought as I was out working today...

    Honestly if you need a mower now and you're not sure if you can find another then
    you should get it because it's not a terrible deal, but if you have a little time on your
    hands I would keep looking because that mower is probably worth around 2g's, maybe...

    I don't know, hard to say but I think you can do better.
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  10. bicslawnservice

    bicslawnservice LawnSite Member
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    ok i emailed the guy about how many hours are on the mower. He didn't know for sure but he guessed in between 300-500 hours, also mentioning that he was the only owner. I dont need a mower right away and i plan to take a look at this one i just think 2500 is alot for a scag with 500 hours and 4 years old.

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