What would you bid on this commercial property? With pic..

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fiveoboy01, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. fiveoboy01

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    Two weeks ago I submitted a bid for this property. I was not awarded the contract. What would you bid? This is not to check my pricing, rather see what everyone else would get in different regions of the country(it seems they vary wildly from one region to the next)...

    This is approx. 3 acres of mowable turf, the upper left box is somewhat "rough", the ground is smooth but it's not "quality" grass, more like a ditch type of grass/weed mix, but not tall.

    There are 14 small maple trees and 9 small(about 5-7 foot tall) evergreens.


    Weekly mow/trim and edge sidewalks.

    Manual or chemical weed control in rock beds(which look to have very few weeds) and 23 tree rings.

    Top-Dress mulch for 23, 3' diameter tree rings, no edging of the rings.

    Core aeration, twice per year.

    Fert - CGM once early spring. Chem-free synthetic fert along with the CGM on the first app then once every 10 weeks with a winterizer for the last app.(no, I don't have an applicators license. This was to be subbed out, and I already had it set up and my sub gave me a price)

    Spring and fall cleanup, consisting of pickup of all trash, leaves, and returning displaced rocks to their beds.

    Maintenance of ornamental shrubs and bushes 3x/year, including debris removal(I quoted an hourly rate for this) - I can't remember how many shrubs/bushes there are, don't have the info sheet on me.

  2. cnymowing

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    Just kidding...
    I would say around $12,000 - $15,000 a season (26 mows)
    $1000 for aeration
    $75 for mulch (1yard)
    $65 an hour for everything else.
    I don't do chem, or sub it out

    I may be off, I have never bid on something this large.
  3. NELawnCare

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    I love these exercises. I get to practice my commercial property bidding....

    I am assuming that mulching is done twice a year and I am procuring the materials for fert.

    Mowing, trimming, and blowing = $300/week = $7,200/year (15 Apr - 15 Oct)
    Manual week control (no license for chem) $35/hr X 2 = $70/week = $1,680/Year
    Mulch (207SF @ 3" dressing is 2CY mulch) $75/CY = $150/per application = $300/year
    Core Aeration $300 x 2 = $600 /per year
    Fertilizing $1,200/year (includes materials)
    Spring/Fall Clean Up $35/hr x 8 = $280 x 2 = $560/year
    Maint of Bushes/Shrubs $40/hr x 12 = $480

    Total Seasonal Contract Quote is $12,020 + $661.10 (tax) = $12,681.10 would be my bid.

    Let's see how bad my estimates are compared to other folks.
  4. Metro Lawn

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    Cutting only = $90 -$110 per cut
  5. NELawnCare

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    Wow, you mow 3 commercial acres for $110? Not critiquing, just figuring if my quoting is outrageous. My commercial rates are residential rate +70%. A 3 acre residential lot is $180. So my commercial rate would be $180+70% = $306 for 3 acres (or roughly $100 per acre for commercial businesses).
  6. NELawnCare

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    Am I the only one to give an example quote? bump!
  7. martinfan06

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    Well Ill give 1 if we pick it up and move it to Fla.
    Mowing, trimming,edging,hedges, weed control 1000$ month
    Fert would sub-out
    No clean-ups here
    guessing 25 yards of mulch 2 times year 1750$
    And that property looking at 38 cuts/ full service all year adding guess 500$ for fert 14,250 for full service all year.
    Sounds a little high to me but thats what im coming up with. Thats just an well educated guess by the pics.
  8. Prestige-Lawncare

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    Labor is taxable in your area? The only thing taxable here in Indiana would be the mulch, and the materials for the fertilizing.

    The law in Indiana, according to the Indiana Dept. of Revenue is:

    Services rendered in which no tangible personal property is being
    considered is not taxable.
  9. Duekster

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    In Texas the only Item not taxable is labor when it is quoted separately for a installation for residential. All commerical work is 100% taxable. Service is taxable for residential.

    I don't have a 70" mower so I would bit about 15K here in Texas. Based upon the given specs.
  10. NELawnCare

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    The state of Wisconsin considers lawn care a taxable service. So yea, everything on the quote is taxable. However, winter snow plowing services are not taxable, which (to me) makes no logical sense.

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