What would you charge for a 46 acre property?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by NYLawns, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. NYLawns

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    It's 46 acres but not all grass. I'd say maybe 20 is grass.
  2. Catmann

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    If you are unsure about such a large area, then I would suggest you offer an hourly rate to the customer and tell them you need to cut it one time to see how long it really takes. I do not cut grass anymore, but when I did it was charged hourly all the time. That way whether it was spring (high and wet) or summer (short and dry), or whether a customer wanted perfection for a party, they always paid exactly for what they received.

    Of course, this works best for 1-crew companies. Otherwise some customer is always going to accuse one crew of moving slower than another and complain about the price being higher!
  3. NYLawns

    NYLawns LawnSite Member
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    Smart, I think that's what I should do but also customers sometimes want specific prices in mind. They like to plan their budgets accurately especially if you're cutting weekly or bi-weekly. I will probably offer an hourly rate of $60 and say 6 hours.
  4. KYMan

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    I cut a 10 acre yard a couple weeks ago and wanted 225-250 for it. He said he could only pay $200 (and I believed him after seeing his old broken down trailer). I told him I'd do it once for $200 to see how long it would take. He said it took him 5-6 hrs on a 60" zero turn. I don't know what mower he used though. I knocked it out in 3 hrs and 20 minutes on the nose...dollar a minute. No weed eating involved. Being a new yard and not knowing what obstacles were in my path, I admit I was going a bit too fast. But it looked good when I was done. On about a 400 yard long downhill run, I was smacking the gas tanks like it was a horse yelling "andole, andole, yee haa" like Speedy Gonzales :laugh:. Hey...it broke up the monotony.

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