What would you charge? grading work?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Aug 29, 2006.

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    1. Spread 20 yards of clean grade top soil over renovated area.
    2. Grading/leveling of any rough areas or all area along that hill.
    3. Finely rake out and smooth leveled area for seed preparation.
    4. Apply commercial sun & shade mix seed 30lb+ est..
    -This will over seed grassy areas in close proximity-
    5. Apply starter fertilizer to seeded area.
    6. Apply light hay to top of seeded area and water until moist.

    Labor: $1190
    Supplies: $670
    Total: $1,860.00
    Total Cost w/7% Tax: $1,990.20

    The area is about 140feet long and 60 feet deep. Its on a 20deg pitch from the house towards the roadway. There actually isnt much grading but would still need the machine there with box blade to do that and spread the 20 yards and then use the landscape rake over it to level it out well. I was even going to drag a "homeade" fence on my 3point hitch with weights on it to really get the dirt broken down and smooth before seeding. So its like a 3 part process.

    There are already weeds popping up and this wouldnt happen for at least 2-3 weeks from today, so would need a good raking afterwards before seeding.

    Just to get a truck 25 miles there with 20yards of quality grade top soil is over $400 with tax for my cost. Then the hay, i dont have a machine since i dont do full yards yet, so its just done manually, the seed and the fertalizer costs.

    Ill have my smaller tractor there spreading the 20yards around from the pile and dumping it at each end. I calculated out it will take me and my helper 6+hrs to do this job so 12-14 manhours. My labor includes his work and my tractor work, hauling etc and all else involved. I actually came out a little high on the labor end by my hourly calculated rates, so i bumped it down $100, then he had another company quote him for the same job. He told me ina voice message that the other company was less and that he wanted me to stop by "again" to see what it looked like since months ago when he already had another company there doing dirt and stump removal on this area.

    So i drive past again, get an idea of what exactly is there, and offer him my 15% off all landscaping Sept-November. I said it knocks off over $200 assuming he could just be bluffing but id rather have the work here.

    He states well the other company honestly is under $1200 for the same scope of work so if it wasnt $1,1xx.xx then hes just going to use the other company. I mean common half? My top soil/seed/fert/hay costs are over half of that.

    He also slipped and told me about the hydroseeding since my quote wasnt for hydroseeding, the other company is doing that for $1200 , wtf? Its a upscale area too in north/central jersey.

    My last bid for this guy in the development was for $3,400 to remove some dirt, 20 yards at most i estimated, flatten a sharp hill he had and remove part of some old garden in his front yard..... He called about that after talking with him an hour, another company quoted him to remove ONE HUNDRED and fifty yards of junk soil? He said my quote was so much lower that he didnt think i was on the same page with what hes looking to have done and didnt want to run into a substantial cost increase if i didnt realize what i was getting into. sorry, rant for the night.
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    I hope you are just wondering if your bid is way off? Grade/Seed/Straw/and Fert.? If you aren't "on the money" with this bid then it's time to invest in an estimating book. That's not a put-down, I use one from time to time.
  3. olderthandirt

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    Maybe he figures you don't know what your doing since you mentioned spreading hay around a cple times.

    You mulch with straw, you grow pastures with hay
  4. Team-Green L&L

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    Hey Mac, where was that quote from? I hope I didn't slip that out. I have been known to use bad terminology at times.
  5. olderthandirt

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  6. jazak

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    I think you're way low. I'd bid at $2500-$4000 depending on what size machine you can get in there, ext. Do you have any pics? That will help me out alot more to understand what exactly you're up against. Jazak
  7. freddyc

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    Did I hear you right.... you're gonna level and seed a 20 degree pitch??

    Any erosion control included here?? I'm expecting rain soon.... you???
  8. Mike33

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    What kind of yards do you do than? 20 yard of topsoil, i would say 20 ton of topsoil that makes a nice covering for about 1500 sq' that i would grade in 15 minutes and rake in another 15. Have fun with your tractor on the 20 degree pitch. I hydro seed 5000 sq' for 350.00. Think you better reconsider your estimate along with using hay.
  9. tthomass

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    i didn't read it all but lets see...........

    topsoil @ $20 x 20 = $400
    skidsteer rental and delivery = $300ish
    fert/seed/straw = $200ish
    my truck use = $100

    so already at $1000........... + labor..............I'd go with about $2400
  10. Team-Green L&L

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    We have fixed SO MANY lawns because of guys with no drainage experience, or surveying experience for that matter, messing up a nice old man's lawn.

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