what would you charge to do this lawn renovation?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by agent walker, Mar 12, 2012.

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    I have a client that built some new duplexes and wants a price on tilling and seeding grass . I've done some of this work before, but when I worked for a landscaper and not as business owner, and it's been awhile. So I'm wondering whats fair price to charge. I don't have much overhead and all my equipment is payed for. I plan to broadcast seed with my permagreen ultra. Its about 26,000 sq ft. there are some pix attached. He isn't picky just wants it looking better. he doesn't even want it strawed! I'm not sure thats a good idea tho, what do you think? It will need some dirt where the water lines were trenched in and the fill sank as you can see in the pix.He can supply tractor with 5ft tiller. I figure it will cost me approx $50 for starter fertilizer and $225 for grass seed @ 8lbs per 1k sq ft. I can get straw bales for $5 and rent a straw blower for around $100 a day, though It should only take a few hrs. I mostly do mowing and fertilizing but of course some people want seeding done as well, so I'm trying to do some of that on the side before spring rush starts.




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    this could happen mostly in your busy time. Spring is not as good as fall due to cold soil and expected high temps in June. Don't guarantee anything (except the amount of seed you used) if he doesn't have irrigation. If no straw, use more seed to be sure some of it takes. What about the weeds? You may need a Roundup ap--and you are prob not licensed. And later you will probably have a lot of weeds come up--potentially crabgrass, too. Be sure to feed it heavy the first few months to stimulate rapid fill-in.
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    I know its not optimal time but he wants it done now. Theres no irrigation, could possibly get tenants to water it but no guarantees on how good a job they'd do. He doesn't care about the weeds... I am licensed for fertilization. I'll probably end up renting walk behind skid loader to spread the dirt. That will run $100. Hes only wanting to spend around 900.
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    I wouldn't till the whole thing, but I would till and rake out the drain valley between the 2 buildings... I would likely feather that out to a gradual slope rather than bring in topsoil...
    I would rent a slitseeder and put down a standard local mix with 20% annual rye... it's early enough in the season that you'll hopefully get adequate rainfall before the heat and drought hit...

    The straw does more harm than good, every time I've seen it used... the stuff is only necessary on steep slopes...

    that should keep you close to the $900.00 mark and even come back with more annual rye to fill in the barespots after your first mowing...

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