What would you charge to mow your own yard??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Jun 3, 2002.


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    Came up with this idea for a thread when I was mowing my own yard this weekend. If I drove up to my yard to give a estimate, I would politely tell the person I couldn't do it. It's that bad!!!! 40 mins. push mowing, 10 mins. weedeating, and 5 mins. blowing. If I had to price it, it would be $35/cut.

  2. Scraper

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    I'd have to say $50/cut for mine although that'd be on a bi-weekly basis for the front since it is wooded and the "grass" doesn't grow. I actually started allowing the front to go "au naturale" last year as whatever grew kept it looking green and the wildlife seemed to like it. The back is a work in progress. Only 14 more trees or so and I'll have a nice meadow. :) With the help of :angel: Cos :angel: I have gotten over 10 trees down and the affect on getting a lawn going has been tremendous! (Thanks Dana!)
  3. CLM1103

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    No amount of money. However, I was able to work out a deal with the wife.:blob4:
  4. rkbrown

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    I live on a corner lot, so there is more trimming than an interior lot. I would also charge myself $35. I tried to get my 9 year old twin daughters to do the yard, but they are holding out for a Barbie painted/accessorized Lazer Z :)
  5. thfireman

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    My lawn is a $30.00 lawn but I gave myself a family discount so that makes it a $25.00 cut. I also will include my fertilizer for the year if I can bring myself to sign a yearly contract! I just dont know if I can count on myself to be on time each week.

    :D :confused: :p
  6. FrankenScagMachines

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    ROFLMAO!!!!! Like the thread "whats the weirdest excuse....." LOL

    LOL another great one.....
    My yard would have to be around $65-75 or so....
  7. ACER

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    1 acre soon to be exclusively Tiff 419 cut twice a week with a reel mower ?????????? H*** I CAN'T AFFORD ME !!!!!
  8. Nelson

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    1 Acre lot $60.00 - $65.00 w/ my son helping only?

    By myself $80.00.........
  9. Nelson

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    Ohhhhh I forgot 2 say w/my son by him self FREE !!!!!!!:D :D :D
  10. Well like a previous poster said he made a deal with his wife,not this summer my wife is expecting twins but next summer im gonna have to make a deal with my wife to mow our small lawn.
    Or if she wants to she can take my place in the lawn business and i'll mow the home lawn:D

    So i'll just add about 25$ for mowing 1000 square feet to all the money she always manages to get anyway:D

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