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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by upidstay, Jul 7, 2005.

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    Here is the question:
    What would you charge to mow this lawn? It is in a wealthy town in CT (highest per capita salary in US) High end (property worth $8 million+) lawn. Mostly blue grass, irrigated, fertilized by Chemlawn 6 times a year, so it basically grows like crazy. Extremely, thick, lush, gorgeous lawn. Did I mention it is roughly 425000 square feet? That's square feet of lawn, not lot size. There is 5000 linear feet of fence and 2000 feet of stone wall to weed wack, along with 57 trees, a dozen or so stumps, and beds all over the place. It takes roughly 2-4 man hours to weed wack, and no, you can't spray round up around the trees, etc. No visible clippings on lawn, and not a speck of grass in the beds or on the 1/4 mile long driveway. This guy is stinkin' rich, and very demanding. He wants us to mow it for $300 a pop. Everybody I've talkec to around thinks he's nuts.
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    Thats 10 acres. Let me think about it.....ummmmm..........$499.99 :dizzy:

    To be honest, without seeing the property I nor anyone else can tell you the correct price. $300 is way low...I can tell you that.
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    How do you irrigate 10 acres? I would think that if the water supply didn't come from a pond or a lake it would take multiple city water mains with a whole lot of zones. What a nightmare. This guy needs a full time grounds keeper.
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    are you freakin crazy!!!!! i'd tell him the reason he's looking for someone new is because you can't expect a proffesional job for that price... crazy.... run don't walk.
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    What town? My moms car has navigation I can put in the address and drive by haha.

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