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    TONTAGE LawnSite Member
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    need help please with this estimate............customer has brush she would like for me to take down.aprox 3-4 feet deep x 25 feet long.i looked at it yesterday and she started to cut some away with this tiny saw then got hurt.there are some nice prickers in there too.should i even get involved?i have 2 options,cut it down and bring to curbside for the town to pick up or bring to the dump.i'd like to take a chainsaw and just go thru it and bring to the curb.i was thinking 200 bucks.only thing is if the chainsaw doesnt work i sure as heck dont want to use these pruning shears to cut every thing down.i'd be there for a week!
    thanks for your help
  2. Big Wes

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    Put a brush blade on your weed eater if applicable with your brand weed eater, and charge them $250-$300
  3. kayakn

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    ^^^what he said is good, use a brush blade.
  4. KrayzKajun

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    use a good brush blade!
  5. ALC-GregH

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    chances are, the bushes are to big to man handle as a whole. I'd prune the branches down low to get near the base of the trunks and chainsaw them down. I'd charge around $300-350

    TONTAGE LawnSite Member
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    thanks guys for the replies.im hoping i can get a blade for my FS 80R and go that route.if i had to prune then cut i'd be there a while.
  7. wheels910

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    fill up your sprayer with diesel.

    spray area.

    light on fire.

    it'll be gone in a little while.

    TONTAGE LawnSite Member
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    I think im going to look into a blade for this job but want to be sure i can put a blade on my fs80r.i called the dealer today and they said no poblem but be careful cause the fs80r has a flex shaft.i want to be sure i can pull this off before quote the job.whats involved in putting a blade on the trimmer?i do not have my manual handy.
    thanks in advane
  9. mississippiturf

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    It a "piece of cake". Your dealer will show you how to put the blade on. The only thing I caution you is that you always put whatever you are cutting in the four or five o'clock position of the blade as you look down on the head and engage cutter slowly. If you try engaging the blade on the front (12 o'clock position), you'll get aweful kick back.

    TONTAGE LawnSite Member
    from CT
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    great,thanks for the tip :)

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