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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Agape, May 7, 2011.

  1. topsites

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    What difference does it make, doesn't it cost the same if you use a $20,000 Lastec articulator?
    Does it cost more if I use a mower 200 times the price of yours?
    Or does it cost less?

    *** SPOILER ****
    Ah, nevermind.
  2. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    If he used that
    It would been done in 1-2 hrs instead of 4.5 hrs
    at same price
  3. Agape

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    You're soooo funny, I guess my old boss lied. there IS such thing as a stupid question.

    I'll try to speak your language;

    $100 mower= 6 hours
    $1200 mower = 3 hours
    so do we give a break because we bought a $1200 mower?

    If I sold my soul to the devil for the abillity to whistle dixie land, and the lawn would be clean I would not charge a dollar, or 45 cents, or 30 cents or whatever cuause it only took me a minute to whistle it.

    I did a black berry clearing the other day, that I gave an estimate for $700 LAST YEAR, the husband tried to save money and do it himself which is ok.

    He made a "dent" after working most of a day and exhausted himself and didn't return to it, and later went to alaska for 3 months- and now a year later was happy to pay the $700 wich is cheap for two guys for a day.
    I had no special tools but heavy sharp balling shovels, A large pull fork. with the exception of a John deere articulating hedge trimmer ($500) and 14 years of experience doing similar jobs.

    the only time I EVER do hourly is when I can't see an ending, then I do day rate of 2 guys, 8 hours including dumping for $850/day unless I read the customer and figure he's good for $795

    oh, I have an hourly rate in my head and the expected man hours, but I don't discuss it with the customer unless I just can't see the ending time-(nightmare scenario), then I do it just so i don't get screwed and make at least XX
  4. topsites

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    I wasn't asking.

    Or I should say, I wasn't expecting an answer.

    What I was doing is pointing out that no matter the equipment you use, the price is the same.

    And the reason for that is because certain folks keep talking about using such-and-such price equipment...
    As IF it made a difference.

    It makes absolutely NO difference what you are using!
    So why mention it?

    But maybe I can use that $425 / day labor rate.
  5. Snyder's Lawn Inc

    Snyder's Lawn Inc LawnSite Platinum Member
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    I hope I understand your thinking
    So if do a job You are thinking going take you 10 hrs to do only takes 5 hrs you still charge for 10 hrs
  6. Agape

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    I don't charge hrs. but I've done lawns twice the size of his front for $150 even though it only may have taken me an hour or less.

    I'm saying sometimes I've bid jobs thinking they would take 6 hours, but they only ended up taking 4.

    I'm saying that if you have an excavation company and someone wants an hour of work at $80/hr, but it takes you 160 to lowboy the excavator to and from the site, you would be a fool to charge 80. there has to be a minimum charge for your service.

    I'm saying stay away from hourly rates that people who think they're smarter than you don't make. because they don't understand the cost of doing business- even if you're only charging $35/hr it scares people off, "you're only mowing!!".

    I'm saying charge what it's worth

    I'm saying people who would NEVER pay you $50/hr would pay you $75 for a 1X mowing that takes you a hour and you deserve it because you invested a lot to be able to do it in that time.

    No, I'm not saying charge for 10 hours when you only worked 5, that is dishonest.
    I'm saying 5 hours from you is worth a lot more( or gets a lot more done) than 5 hours from them or their kids.
  7. Agape

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    you are on a different page in a different book.
    sure you can use it, but why are you worth $50/hr? you can't convince anyone that you know what you're talking about. you should by your own standards, charge less if you use pro equipment.
  8. Agape

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    I re-reviewed the post you quoted and can't find anything to indicate that I thought you should charge 10 hours for 5 hours of work?????????:confused:
  9. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Well I run a hourly rate for yrs with no problems
    What ever Customer wants hourly or set price
    99% of my Lawns I mow are set price but do have one thats hourly rate reason why is we dont mow same amount of grass each week so to be fair set as a hourly rate
    I run hourly rate on my Skidloader with min of 3 hrs

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    I would have run my 36 inch wb then used a snapper high vac to pick up the clippings. Still would have taken a while. I completely understand not putting a 1200 dollar push mower in an unknown backyard with no idea of what was in it.

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