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What would you do, advice needed

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ksland, May 6, 2004.

  1. ksland

    ksland LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 927

    I just bought a 14' Bobcat trailer and currently have a truck craft dump insert. I got to thinking, for the money I spent on the Bobcat trailer and the money I can sell my truckcraft for I can just about buy a 12' Dual Axle dump trailer with combo ramp. The dump trailer would also serve as a bobcat trailer but is able to hold twice the load (if not more) than the insert. The dealer I bought the Bobcat trailer from will give me full price back towards the dump trailer if I choose to do it. Is there anything I am overlooking? I will have to register and insure the bobcat trailer that I have and the dump trailer the same and would cost the same except the extra sales tax for the dump trailer. The dump trailer I am looking at has D rings welded to the floor for a bobcat and will fit the bobcat with the bucket leaving an extra foot. The onlt downfall I could see is I would not have the ability to transport attachments with the machine. Which I don't plan on doing much of. The trailer I have now is 7000 gvw which is just about maxed out with the machine and bucket anyhow. The dump trailer is 10000 gvw.
  2. Potchkins

    Potchkins LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 570

    sounds like a good idea
    is the dump a gooseneck?
    eather way maby you could
    build a rack of sorts to carry
    one extra attachment
    on the front of the trailor

    let me know what you think
  3. The Good Earth

    The Good Earth LawnSite Member
    Messages: 171

    I have a 14' Bri-Mar dump that we haul loaders to jobs with. It is nice, but limited. Not being able to haul attachments sucks. I knew this going in so it wasn't all that big of a deal. We also have a 25' tri-axle that we use so if we need attachments we load the 25 footer. Of course Murphy's Law dictates that at some point in time you will get in a pinch and wish up one side and down the other that you could haul an attachment. :D

    Last year we lost 63 days to weather. It was just awful. So we invested in a Polaris 500 with a york rake. This spring we have prepped 3 properties with the Polaris because of wet conditions. It is great. Load all the stuff you are going to need in the dump trailer and get moving. Everything fits with room to spare. I'm taking the Polaris, York Rake, 2 tillers, and a couple of wheel barrows. Top it off with a sheet of plywood. We pull everything in piles with the York and hand rakes and the laborers throw the plywood over the ramps and truck up and down the ramp all day long. It works perfect. We are so far ahead of where we were last year. Not playing catch up is a beautiful thing.

    The only thing I would definitely recommend is a low profile model trailer. A loaded deck over is a lot more unforgiving than a low profile.

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