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What would you do; DC Problems

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Duncan IN, Aug 24, 2002.

  1. Duncan IN

    Duncan IN LawnSite Member
    Messages: 149

    I bought an xt3000 72" DC this summer and have had a lot of problems with it. I am getting frustated with this mower becuase I have it paid off and it has been in the shop more than it has out on the field. Here are my problems.

    1) Bought it and the deck was way out of wack, would lower any lower than 4in. I fixed that myself (Found out later that at the factory some of the models went through the factory line and the decks were set wrong).

    2) Within 20 hours the engine would not rev right, run at 3800 and sometimes 4000; turn on blades and it would rev down to 3200, big drop.

    -- Took it to the factory to have it fixed, while I was there the throttle cable broke on them and they replaced it. Good thing it happend while it was there. They worked on the rev and made it better but still not running like it should.

    3) I replaced the tires because the had no grip. I understand that these new tires were put on it for the guys who wanted them.

    4) Engine started to miss out and backfire. Sounded terrible called a dixie rep and left message and got a call 2 hours later saying they wanted my mower up at the place I bought it from to have it worked on. Found out they were calling me because of a recall on some parts on the engine, not becuase I called them.

    -- they (Generac) replaced a part inside the engine, Carburator and new fuel pump. They could have done more but this is what I know of. I had to go to the factory to pic the mower up. Good thing I live close 1hr 45 min

    5) Brought it home had it for five min and it still wasn't running right took it to my dealer, found out it was the Coil going out. Got it back a few days later.

    6) Brought it back home and within 10-15 min a hydro was not working right. Took it back to the dealer and they said that the part was on back order. Got it back two weeks later. They put new hydro on and added another cooler.

    7) Brought it home again mowed with it for some time and then the thing would only run for a few min and then die. Found out it was the new fuel pump going out that they put on when they did the recall.

    I have 107 hours on the machine now and it has been to the factory twice and to the dealer three times. My dealer has been nice and given me a loaner two of the times and I havce put around 130 hrs on the loaner, thats more than my mower has on it!!! I am happy with my dealer but frustrated at Dc and this mower.

    What do you think DC should do about my mower? New one? Money Back? What? I need some advice, what would you do? I have to admit when this mower is running right it is an awesome machine. I also bought a new 2002 xxwd5000 this year and I have invested alot of money in DC mowers this year and I feel I got a real Lemon with the xt3000.

    My DC rep said that if I had more problems then they will see what they can do...
  2. Floridalandcare

    Floridalandcare LawnSite Senior Member
    from Tampa
    Messages: 314

    Very easy solution buy a Hustler Super Z ,I know Dixie Chopper is a awsome machine it might be a lemon ,just like a car .I have 2 DCs and never had a problem other than 1 hydro pump. I would tell the dealer give me a naw machine ,given the detailes he might .......Good Luck
  3. mowerconsultant

    mowerconsultant LawnSite Fanatic
    Male, from Syracuse, NY
    Messages: 9,769

    Get your attorney heavily involved.
    Sounds like you have everything documented, you should not have a problem getting your money back.
    Then if you would like to, demo a Super Z, and see what we can do for you.

  4. awm

    awm LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,354

    one of the saddest stories ive heard. everybody has troubles . but thats like buying a cadilac ,and having the thing
    break dn ,like an old clunker every wk or so.your intentions were to buy the best and from what u said . dixie ought to give u a bran new machine. while im partial to lazers ,everybody knows the dixie ,got to be a good machine . as many pros as use them and think there the ultimate.
    personally i hope they do the rite thing and just give u what u paid for. i hope dixies reading. riight is right.
    good luck
  5. I played guninni pig with Bobcat ZTR200's

    No fun.!!!!

    If you got a new exact replacemnt you might have the same problems all over again.
  6. Duncan IN

    Duncan IN LawnSite Member
    Messages: 149

    Well I have no intentions on changing Brands. I had two scags before getting the dixies and they didn't last very long. I have faith in DC I just hope they will treat me right. If I got my money back I would consider a new 2003 xxwd5000 next spring when I had the extra $ to make up the difference. I love my 2002 xxwd5000, awesome machine.

    I have lost more money by buying this machine and it breaking down all the time. Alot of my contracts had to be carried over into another week because I was unable to get there in time do to breakdowns and having to do extra traveling 1 hour to get to my dealer and two hours to get to the factory. I have some hours logged going back and forth to the factory and Dealer just for this one mower

    I also forgot to mention that DC did not have the filters for the generac. My dealer had to track down some. Why would you sell a motor and have it out for a little while and not have filters for it. I couldn't change my oil for awhile
  7. m&m

    m&m LawnSite Member
    Messages: 169

    i would either get my money back or see if they could credit that amount to an ugrade( different model) and u pay the difference........seems like u really like DC and if that is the case, then i would do one of the two............seeing as to how them models were set out of whack with the decks, who knows you may have the same problems outta a new one just like this one

    get a different model or the money
  8. What you want some one to stock thousands of dollars worth of parts for only a few machines that have been sold.

    Like I said before, I was a guinni pig too, that's what you are, and you have to put up with it, cause you aint getting no money back. That is the biggest reason I will "NEVER EVER" buy a first years model ever again.

    Also looks like Dixiechopper and your dealer have done what they can possably do to correct the problems that arise. From a legal stnd point there is no case.
  9. Duncan IN

    Duncan IN LawnSite Member
    Messages: 149

    "What you want some one to stock thousands of dollars worth of parts for only a few machines that have been sold."

    I don't think that dixie should stock thousands of dollars worth of parts. I think they should at least have a way to get oil filters for their mowers and they do, They just didn't for the generac at the time, the may now though, my dealer couldn't get the filter from DC and they didn't tell him where to gettem. He had to contact generac and they told him where he could order some from. If DC didn't carry the oil filters or inform the dealers where to get them then there would be alot of other problems. I had 100hours on my engine before I could change the oil. It recommended first oil change at 20 hrs. I didn't want to run the machine but I had no other choice. I had work to get done. When I ordered some filters I ordered alot cause I don't like to wait on preventive maintanence parts.

    I understand that there are going to be guinni pigs for alot of new machines out there. But it shouldn't be at the cost of the purchaser, the factory should stand behind it's product if they want to continue to sell it.
  10. I concurr on both.

    Stick it out man, once the bugs get ironed out, it should work pretty good. I think DC is a good company and stands behind their product pretty well. If not Mr. Art Evans will fix it I am sure.

    From a nother stand point. DC mounts an engine sold to them from another distributor. They only sell the engine to the dealer mounted on a mower. they do not supply the maintenance parts nor most of the imformation needed to aquire those items.

    I see that problem as your dealer messed up, not Dixie. you dealer should have found all the necsisary info out brfore he ever sold one.

    Don't worry man I had the same problem with the clutches on my ZT200's. Ransomes first electric clutch on a mower. The rest were all wet disc clutches on the other electric engaugemnets.

    I wish I knew then it is the same one that is on the Exmark WB's and ZTR's. I think it is the same on the Ferris also. 2 damn weeks "each time" the clutch went out. I aksed why did you not order more than one!!!!!!!

    Funny thing was then I got 2 mowers from the dealer and put more hours on them than the 3 that kept going into the shop. They were Dixiechopper. So I convinced the dealer to make me a good deal on those 2 and got rid of 2 of the Bobcats. I wish I could have with all 3, but I had to buy a nother DC, and they wouldn't give me squat for the last lemon left.

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