What would you do in this situation?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Lodogg2221, May 16, 2005.

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    That is basically what I was getting at...I don't care if it is just two guys in a truck,..I don't care if there is no name on the truck. I don't care if they come in the stealth of darkness in the middle of the night with silent mowers, weraring blacknight camouflage. The NEIGHBORS know who they are, and obviously know how to contact them. Just talk to the neighbors (friendly), explain the situation, and ask if these guys could have trhe courtesy of not blasting grass all over your lawn. If that doesn't work, then you just schedule your lawn to be cut right after theirs, and guess what....?
  2. Lodogg2221

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    LOL Runner, Ive got images in my head now of Ninjas mowing! Youre right though. I just have to catch the home owners home. And your second idea about mowing is exactly what I had in mind. I couldnt believe the mess on the street and sidewalks from these guys. Grass is EVERYWHERE! Plus it looks like they mowed it about 1 1/2"s, which is kinda short around here. I mow at about 3". Seems to help keep weeds down. Or maybe I just cant see them for the grass? Ha!
  3. alwaysgreener

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    just take your blower and push it back to his side :D
  4. Toy2

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    Get home, fire up the blower and blow that crap back.....folks get home yard looks like A$$....this worked on my neighbor across the street....pulled his small Toro blower and blew crap onto my yard....saw him leave, pulled out the "REAL" blower and made a mess of his yard....problem solved!!
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  6. Turfdude

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    I'm sure for a small fee, that BG & his shovel could be very pursuasive to the "2 yutes".
  7. Property Pro

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    build a fence!
  8. RedWolf

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    bag five yards and dump in a**holes yard and repeat 2 to 3 times.if that dont work then take 2x4 and wack kid in head and repeat if kid gives you any lip.
    that is RedWolfs words of wisdom
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    I had the same thing the last couple years. A neighbor on one side had a guy who would always mow 2'-3' into my yard (at about 1.5") so I finally called him and explained the problem and it was solved. This year i mow their lawn so problem is really solved!

    The other side was mowed by another company who insisted on using their 60 Lazer for everything and if their landscaping was 24" from the property line they would still go around it cutting into everyones yards. They also NEVER made a pass around the property and wherever they turned around is where they left it. The line looked like a scallop and would sometimes be up to 4' into my yard. That company was bought out and these guys do a little better but since I started a lawn service they maybe switching to me anyway so that problem will be solved also.
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    I would LOVE to put up a fence, but just a survey, which you have to have here to put up anything near a property line, costs over $500. I can do the fence myself, but still have to buy materials, so its a bit cost ineffective at this point. Maybe in a few months, but thats my first choice to solve it. Besides, nothing says "LEAVE ME BE" like a 10 ft privacy fence.......

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