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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kc2006, May 29, 2006.

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    Well as many have read I'm having a ton of problems with my new exmark. The longer I have it, the longer it's saying "lemon" to me. First it was the cut, then the engine was doing this strange surge in rpm to the point it would shake me on the mower while I was moving, then the other day it was hard to start and dieseling at shut off, and today the fuel gauge broke.

    Wednesday it's going to the dealers, I'm going to point out all the problems and let them have at it. Now the thing that scares me is, what if this thing is a big turd and more stuff breaks down the road, that's what I'm not liking here. I'd be thrilled if they can actually get it to cut correctly but I've played with everything possible and unless something is missing from the factory, I doubt they'll fix it.

    So my question to you guys, if they do not fix the cut and the surging. What would or could you do from there? The mower has 20 hours on it, so it's not like I can resell it especially since I paid msrp on it and you can get it $700 cheaper down the road at another dealers (damn it!), if I did I'd lose atleast 1500-2000 on the deal, and I will not allow myself to pay that for someone elses mistakes. At this point, I'm realy pi$$ed, I have a 9000 dollar garage orniment because I'm using my 1998 fixed deck w/b because the 8 year old mower is proving to be a better machine. The big kicker is that I love exmarks and don't want to go with another brand (maybe hustler but the local dealer has proven to be an idiot). The sad thing is, when I was looking at the mowers I had the choice of either this 56"/27 with the triton, or a 60"/28efi with the ultracut deck and suspension seat for 800 more (probably get it the same price at the other dealer as what I paid for the 56!) and I said well I'd love to have that engine and seat plus that deck is proven, but this new deck is supposed to be the stuff! So the thing that decided the purchase, is the thing that's screwing me over.

    What can I do here??? :dizzy:
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    My suggestion is this...

    1. Take to dealer and ask nicely to fix the list of problems.
    2. Call Exmark Tech support...they are actually pretty cool and they will actually answer the phone.

    Communication is Key!

    You can even suggest tech support to call dealer or visa versa to help each other fix problem!

    Please keep us posted!
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    I already informed Brian the exmark rep on the board that it's going to the dealer. And the other day I told the dealer about the blades being the wrong ones from the factory even though he didn't have anything to do with it. So the dealer is somewhat filled in of the issue. I'm going to call him tomorrow and tell him I want to drop it off Wednesday and have at it for the rest of the week, I don't need it back right away since I'll just use the w/b.

    At least I'm saving gas money using the w/b still, the 27 kohler is killing me on gas right now, it's been using about 1.75 gallons an hour, the w/b is lucky if it uses .5 gallon an hour.

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