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what would you do in this situation?

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picked up a local mom and pop hotel this spring. when signing the contract rolls around lady says "don't worry about pruning, i've got someone else in mind for that already, just use the amount towards leaf removal in the fall". i tell her "no problem"

well last week this guy still hasn't showed up. shrubs are in desperate need to be pruned. i tell her 3 weeks ago that you need to prune, that the shrubs have black mold thoughout.

i get the green light to prune the place. now i would've been on the second prune by now. on the day i show up to prune she has her in house "bed expert" tell me that they've talked to chemlawn and have been instructed to cut everything back extremely hard, closer to cut in half. so cut everything in half takes 22 hours of labor onsite, not including 6 trips to the landfill. this job had it been done in-line with the contract would have taken 6 hours tops.

give her the bill for over $700 and now she wants me to credit the amount of the orginal pruning clause towards bill. i tell her "that you had already lined up someone else to prune, i can't control the fact that he has never shown up. you instructed me to use the pruning amount towards leaf removal in the fall. i view this as the same a regular service call, its now outside of contract work and subject to regular labor rate. she asks me to reconsider the bill. i tell he i'll think about it and we hang up mutually perterbed with one another.

i've given some thought to it, to be fair i thought that i could credit the amount of one prune towards it and that would be it.

sorry for being long winded, but any suggestions????
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What about then charging them for the fall cleanup?

they would still have a small balance remaining for a fall clean-up.
Bill her as though you did the original pruning, add your additional hours for the extra cutting back, you decide on the dump fees, and give her a new price for the future leaf cleanups.

Sounds easy sitting here.:D

my thoughts were close to that. my contrats call for 3 prunes a year. my thinking was to credit the amoount of one prune and one prune only towardsthe bill. or is that what you meant??
Your contract was for 3 trimmings and you did one? so are you doing any more? I would think not seeing as you cut way back.

Though I honestly dought that is what "chemlawn" or who ever told them. I think they wanted it cut back severe for the reason that it is done once in their mind.

a little more background info, the company that was going to prune it still does full service on the lady's parents house. this is why i didn't get to prune the hotel.

tehre may be on emore prune towards the end of sept. to touch up some stuff on the side but the tops are gone. there is still some upright hollies that will need to be touched-up later on.

as for chemlawn he does the trees and shrubs and i do the turf. they've had that deal going for the 3 or 4 years there, even before i picked up the property.
I would do one of two things...either charge her now for the pruning or just tell her then that the fall clean ups will be $700. Either pay now or pay later
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