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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Sharp Services, Sep 14, 2005.

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    I got this yard when I started two years ago and it was my first yard that I got when I started in the business. The yard belongs to my mothers brother. When I started, I was doing the yard for $60 a cut then this year I went up to $65. He was not happy and even mentioned to my mother that he thought I was a little expensive, but sense I was family he would let me keep on doing it. I am 40 years old and he is still calling my mother and telling on me. The yard takes 2.25 hours which means that I am only making about $29 an hour. After learning a ton for everyone on LawnSite (THANKS FOR ALL THE ADVICE), I have come to realize that this price is way low and needs to go up.

    I have gotten two new yards in the last week and a half. These have been quoted at $40 per hour with the minimum of $50 per yard. The question is how do I get him from $65 to $90 per cut, every two weeks (needs to be done weekly - but he want go for it)? Or do I just leave the price alone and figure its family and its only one yard. He is on a nice lake and one of the new yards was his neighbors yard and I made out good on his yard. I did a $300 clean up last week and started his yard this week. It took 1 hour and 10 minutes and I billed him $55 (but he tipped me on both jobs - the clean up was $275 - he paid $300 and this week I billed him $55 - he paid $70). I also had another neighbor call me ... so do I just leave it alone or go up and hope he stays?
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    in family business :D But since you asked for opinions I believe I would tell him it will be a weekly cut or no more mowing from you. We don't do anything but weekly cuts as most people will water and fertilize so heavily that every two weeks is just not profitable. This should speed up your time considerably if your area is at all like ours.
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    Family is a hard thing to deal with in this business. However, I would let it slide. I cut an uncle's yard for $50 and it's about 2 acres. Although all I have to do there is mow and trim. Takes about an hour and a half to two hours depending on if I sit and talk to them or not. I cut my grandparent's house for free. It takes me about 20 to 30 minutes to mow, trim, edge, and blow. Back to the subject. I wouldn't try to charge any more. You will cause crap in the family and that sucks. Look at the business you've gained from doing it though. And you're making a little extra on that one yard. But it's up to you. I'm not there personally so I wouldn't know how hard he is to deal with.
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    leave it like it is.it's family.i have always heard that family will screw you before anyone else.and to be honest thats prob what it seems like to him that you are doing by goin up all the time.you bid the job for 60.00 per cut it's your mistake for bidding so low.i could understand about the gas situation but this seems like it is just so you can make more $$$ 65.00 to 90.00 is a hell of a price jump anyhow.29.00 per hour is still good money.
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    I think you are right ... I will just keep on doing it like always and hope to get more yards in the neighborhood.


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