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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by THill3, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. THill3

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    Ok here is the situation. I have my business and and good friend has his business. We have always swapped work with each other and covered for each other when needed. When we didn't have helpers we would help each other as needed. Next ear we have decided to forget the helpers and just help each other. Our businesses are just about equal as far as income and I have more equipment than he does.

    So here is the deal. I have an extra 2005 Ferris is1500 that has like 20 hours on it. I don't use the machine enough to justify keeping it and he has another one I can use when needed. I cam across a 2001 Kaw. Mule. It has a diesel engine 4x4 closed cab with heater. Can get a snow plow for it for pretty cheap. The want 6,000 for it and will give me 5,000 for my Ferris.

    Would you make the trade and make a little extra with some snow removal or just keep the mower and be overly prepared for what MAY come.

  2. mcwlandscaping

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    I don't know how much snow you get but here, you can make boat loads of money from snowplowing!! Ide go with that IMO
  3. THill3

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    I should also mention that even though we have good years and bad years with snow. I could use the mule for first aid. My friend is into moto cross and they need emts on site to have the race. I am the emt and could really use it for the races as well.

    Plus my kids would really love it.
  4. mcwlandscaping

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    Ide go for it then!! Especially if you can get paid to be the EMT at a race.
  5. Lawn Masters

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    theres another plus to the mule, if its got a dump bed, or a regular cargo bed for that matter, you can use it to haul mulch if you do landscaping installs. think about it, its truly a VERY versitile unit, and if you've got a mower you can get that kind of money out of, GO FOR IT! it'll probably prove VERY useful in the long run and make you BOATLOADS of extra income.
  6. Brianslawn

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    very smart by consolidating. :waving:
  7. Jpocket

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    Lawn Maintenance is your main business right?, so that means that you need to be over prepared. You should have a back up mower that is just as good as your main mower, I would'nt invest a ton of money in snow until my lawnservice is right. I think you need to worry about your business more than you and your friend. Helping is great, but don't make your living depend on what he does.:cool:
  8. jasonnau

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    I would keep your business solo. You control what you do. If you have two people running the show, you aren't really free to make your own decisions. That's not to say that you can't work together, but, I wouldn't mix the two companies. When you do that you automatically split your profit down the middle. I would come up with a plan. When working together on jobs, you back out material and split the profit. 1099 each other at the end of the year. Also, what happens when you want a day off, an emergency occurs. You might not stay friends forever if someone starts to slack on their responsibilities. If I were you, I would definitely, definitely think long and hard about what could happen in those situations. And trust me, I could go on and on about the situations that could occur. As for the mule, I think it's a good idea if you are content that you don't need the mower as a back up, or if you aren't affraid of the monetary commitment to buying a new mower when you need one. Just a thought though, for around 5000.00 you could equip your truck with a plow and spreader and go a lot further with things. I've never done this, but I'd suspect that hauling a trailor around with a mule on it during a snow event would really suck. Open the gate, lower the gate, sliding around. With a truck plow, you pull up and start, and you can accomplish a hell of a lot more quicker. Maybe you could sell the mower, and invest in a plow instead. I don't know how snow is around you, but, I've been out salting twice already this year and made at least $700.00 profit in less than 4 hrs. Last year as a subcontractor I made about 10,000 plowing snow. This year, I've got my own contracts. Plus, if you want to salt with the mule you'd have to either do it with a hand spreader, or buy some kind of attachment that fits it. It doesn't sound very productive for snow if you ask me. I wouldn't do it if it were me. And that applies to the mule and the joining of companies.

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