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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ALBsun1, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. ALBsun1

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    In the past couple of days in my travels, i have driven past 3 properties that i have done cutting and various other jobs (aeration, mulch, hedges) for all year long. One of which has been a customer for about 5 years. At each location i was infuriated to find someone else there cleaning up the leaves. I didn't stop, didn't say anything, but will probably mention it next time i talk to the customers, next year. I think maybe they might have been people going around the neighborhood knocking on doors or something. Where is the loyalty? Next year i am going to make certain that everyone is on the right page when i comes to fall cleanup time.
  2. Jpocket

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    Probably a local lowballer who didn't make enough mowing, so hes out trying to get whatever he can before winter hits.

    Honestly, i wouldn't press the issue, I would not however cater to these people in the future. I'd still mow then but thats it, no discounts or skips, or anything. When I find my customers do things like this I just find more customers so if they leave it's no sweat.
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    Did you offer and try to sell that service? I'm not saying you didnt, but I think its funny that companies (not just LCO's) EXPECT their customers to know and especially call recieve service. dont mean to sound like I am bashing you, just an observation.
  4. tiedeman

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    I agree. That is why it is best to have everything lined up ahead of time
  5. ALBsun1

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    Yeah, i guess you can't really assume anything. I'll have to be more direct with everyone next year. I guess i assumed that since i have several other customers in the same general area, that they would have seen me doing leaves and called.
  6. stumper1620

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    I have a COVER-ALL never ending agreement, it has a list of every service i offer, if they want it, it has a X in the box, If they don't its not X ed, simple as that.
    some have the equipment and enjoy cleaning their own, thats fine with me.
    When the time comes for clean ups, those that signed up are first served.
    same way for fert. mulch and all other add on services are on the check sheet.
    simple flat rate monthly billing for lawn care and snow everything else is add on with separate billing. pest and fert are checked off but still require a different agreement.
  7. Ol'time Lawncare

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    ...this happened to me...this year and his lawn cut is 40 , so what im doing is raising his lawncut service prize to 60 and if he don't like it, guess what , he can keep that sucker who did his clean-up.And if he says anything about the prize,I'll say "thats what you get SUCKER''!!! these are some of the reasons why i'm moving to using service agreements!!!
  8. Branchland

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    When that happens to me I just wait til the next time I talk to them. Sometimes I come up with a reason to go ahead and call them. Then I just ask if there is anything else I can for them or ask if they are satisfied with my work because I noticed somebody else out there. Always turns out for the better.
  9. Flex-Deck

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    My bids include a total year care package that we discuss with the customer as to what they want. Did you do that?
  10. Green-Pro

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    I had this near same situation this past summer. A place I cut, an investment office, was having landscaping done, couple plant beds, small area new seeding, aeration, and fert/squirt. I thought I had included a copy of all services we provide with the first invoice, especially since this was part of a group of customers I took over beginning of June. I made sure I placed a copy of our services with next invoice, never heard back, and the previously mentioned work continued (all those items were stretched out over the summer). I really began to question whether we would even be mowing next season. I saw the head honcho one day and went up to him and introduced myself, explained my concerns or more simply asked questions. He told me a friend of his had a son getting into the biz and he threw him these jobs. I asked about the mowing for next season, he says yep not a problem very happy with your work, and we are having the lot next door seeded so that will need to start being mowed as well. Seems the kid starting in the biz lives about 60 miles away, so didn't want to take on any full time accounts, just wanted to get his feet wet. Who knows??

    Anyway sometimes the best thing to do is to just ask, but don't be a butt about it and take the answer with grace whether it is the one you want or not. This may also be opportunity for you to find out if they are displeased with some aspect of your service, but just wanted to avoid telling you, this could give you a chance to correct any deficiencies if any exist.

    JM .02

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