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    I have got a customer that wants his yard cut every Thursday so I told him ok I would , the customer only complaint about the other lawn service provider was that they did not keep the grass from blowing into the flower beds , any way this guy has been telling what a Great job that I am doing and blah blah blah . Tonight I get a call from a fellow cutter that I give alot of my overflow to . He ask if I know this guy and I say yes my fellow cutter tells me that this guy had called them and wanted to know what they would charge him to cut his yard that the guy cutting it was leaving clippings in flower beds I asked the cutter if he saw any thing wrong with the yard and they said no that they did not I said well that makes me feel good and they ask why I said because that I was the one cutting this guys yard . They ask me if I was doing it for $55.00 a cut I said no way that I was getting $80.00 I said where did you come up with that figure they said that that is what the guy said that his current cutter was charging him . I said did you give him a price they said yes that they would need a $100. 00 to cut and trim it. This PITA customer replys that he would be getting in touch with them.
    Should I confront this a$$ hole customer and ask him if he has any problem with my work ? and if he says no I do not the do I ask him why he was trying to find somebody else to cut his yard or do I just act dumb and say nothing at all This is really making me mad cause this customer has always told me what a good job we do and I know that it is not my help because I do not have anybody else but me . and to go behind my back and complain about grassbeing in flower beds No way Thanks for letting me vent Really think that I will give him notice that due to rising fuel prices I am forced to increase my price to $100.00 per cut and then watch the look on his face . twj
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    I would wait a few weeks. Could there of been some overlap in the time frames there ? If he doesnt come up with a problem to you then just do his lawn and get paid. If the drama keeps up and you can afford to lose him then drop him
  3. sheshovel

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    Drop him he is price shopping not quality shopping. Otherwize it's not you it's him.He will continue to shop tell he finds somebody cheaper..get him under contract or drop him and spend your time gaining other jobs.
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    I'd keep the lawn until I hear differently. When I saw him, I might casually ask him if everything is going ok with him. Maybe he is price shopping, but he already found out that he is saving $20 per week with you. As long as you are still satisfied with your $80 and like cutting the lawn.
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    just another pita customer it seems that no one can please these people
    no matter how many small extras you throw in for them, I had this lady call me a couple of weeks ago ask me to give her a price on trim some shrubs for
    her, I told her $100.00 she said too much so I said $80 she said ok trimmed all we agreed upon and do a little extra said she was happy w/ my service ask me what I would charge to mow for her give her my price she said ok
    call her fri. mornin to let her know I would be by to mow that afternoon, hse told me she wasent happy w/ my service and I left a lot of stuff laying around after trimming the shrubs even a bag full of clippings, I check before I left and walked around the yard w/ her and ask if everything looked ok before I left and it was clean, either the guy she had doing that stuff for threw a big hissy fit and messed up the place or this person could never be satisfied !!!!!
    I rode by to check out the complaint and the lawn was clean !!!!
    I figure it was a blessing
  6. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    I would tell him that you no longer needed his business because you had found a customer that was willing to pay more.....

    No but really.....being who I am, I would address it with him and ask what the truth is, is he happy or not? I love to watch people squirm when they get caught. Then if he said he was happy I would drop him and let him pay the $20 extra.....I don't need the money bad enough to deal with anyone like that......

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Just continue to mow...if I was the customer, and you came up and confronted me over something silly like this it would definitely be your last time mowing the lawn.

    Stuff like this happens...people price shop...you can take it personally or act like a professional.
  8. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    My customer relationships are built on up-front communication and honesty from the getgo. That is stated in my welcome letter that accompanies my work agreement and my renewal letters every year. So it is not like they have not been informed. I work very hard to constantly be in touch with my customers and make sure to maintain their props to the standards they want. If they are speading lies about my work then I don't need their business. It is too much work to repair negatives when there are customers that appreciate quality and are willing to share that with other pontential customers.

    If I have chosen to confront a customer about a problem like this that they are creating, then I have already chosen to fire them....... I have developed a solid base of customers that respect my business ethics and standards and they know I don't play these little games.... I follow through with my promises. That is professional......

  9. carcrz

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    Just keep mowing it, no sense in losing money if they are going to drop you anyways. I would ask them if they need anything else though & if everything is going okay.
  10. Nosmo

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    If you are selling something or providing a service I've found from experience not to ask how a customer likes the product or service afterwards.

    Why?? Because you leave yourself open for a comeback.
    I'd just keep cutting the guy's yard and let him come to you if he has a complaint.


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