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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dunn's, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. Dunn's

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    So here is the situation we had a customer who didn't pay there bill we called them several times, sent 3 letters informing that if they didn't pay that it would be sent to collections. they finally contacted us back the after the second letter which we waited longer than it said to send to collections, just to give them an extra chance so we send it to collections and later that day they contact us to pay. So we take it out of collections that we had pay to do. then they don't show up to pay for another two weeks and they only pay half and ask why we haven't been cutting. We told them we could not cut until the account was caught up so they well we can only pay half now but we will pay the other half next week so we tell them well we can't cut until we get the other half. Then they never show up to pay the other half so two more weeks go by and we don't here from them so we give them a call leave a message again.never returned send a letter again stating there late balance and that if we don't hear from them we would have to send them to collections and also charge them for taking it out of collections the first time. no reply ever. Then they get the letter from the collections company and now they just keep calling and screaming into our answering machine saying they are suing us blah blah blah.... and hanging up as well they called ten times in a row this morning and hanging up over and over again. SORRY SO LONG SO OUR QUESTION IS WHAT WOULD YOU ALL DO OR HAVE YOU HAD TO DEAL WITH THIS EVER?
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    I don't think I would have given them that many chances before I sent them to collections, but I understand that you have to be careful so you do get paid. This is a tough thing to handle. I think you did it right and the costumer has nothing on you to be able to sue you. I just hope that you get ALL your money. That includes the money from collections when you had to pull it out.
    Good Luck!
  3. newz7151

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    If they are calling repeatedly and threatening you like that, I'd call the police with the tape evidence and have them charged/arrested for making harrassing/terroristic (almost anything can be nowadays) phone calls.
  4. Dunn's

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    Yea we where thinking about calling the police but around here the police are so useless. I think they would have trouble showing up if a donut factory went haywire and was producing so many that it could overflow the city.LOL We keep recording the calls waiting for them to say something real crazy so we can call then if the local police won't do anything.We can take it to Troop C the Highway Patrol Office by us.
  5. WildWest

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    small claims court and a restraining order.
  6. 2nd Chance

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    I am sure you are a nice guy and try to be proffesional ,BUT sometimes a little good old fashioned redneck , outlaw intimidation works wonders . go to their hose and face them . Tell them you want your money right now ! and make sure you are sober , legal and not toting a gun , look at them like a hungry dog looks at a T-bone steak . You might be surprised how far you can get .................
  7. Dunn's

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    I'm sure I could but the reason I don't do things like this is ,First I have the cutest 8 month old baby girl in the world and don't want to take a chance of causing retaliation.Second I am an Ex-ARMY Ranger so if the law got called It would be thought that I should know better and judges aren't to lenient in these sitautions. Third that is me in the picture an I am a golden gloves champion so if we got into an altercation I am found completly at fault because of my training and it is a felony for me to strike someone with my hands,even though my coach always says if you get in a fight kick them because boxers feet aren't registered, but I doubt this will help.But thank you for the advice I thought of multiple ways to go crush these people. But I'm choosing not to.
  8. Liquidfast

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    Why don't you post the number on here...or, PM it to me. I would be glad to offer assistance with this one.
  9. ed2hess

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    We elected to use a law firm instead of a collection agency so that situations like this could be quickly handled by the lawyer. We have yet to have someone come back to us once we turn it over to the lawyer.
  10. MountainMow

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    How much do they owe you? I always say that if you worked for it, you should stick to your guns and get paid for the work. However, like all other rules there are exceptions. You have to decide what the aggrevation is worth to you. It looks to me like they re probably having financial problems. You might try to call them and ask whats going on calmly. Explain that you re sorry things have gotten out of hand. Feel it out a little. It might be best to mark this one up as a loss. I certainly wouldnt do anything that caused anymore drama. Drama is very unprofessional in my view. :)

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