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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Pro-Scapes, Sep 8, 2006.

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    Sorry if this doesnt make sence but here goes.

    Working on a project to clear and install sod. Its a sub contract deal from the hosital as thier ladnscape team does not have the time to do it.

    Original proposal was accepted at 15 pallets of st augustine. Area is prepper and I ordered the sod. 30 min later we get notice the boss wants centipiede in a shady area. There is already no warranty on the grass as we will not be doing post install care.

    We contacted our nursery we normally buy from and changed the order to centipiede grass. Come to find out thier price is 165 a pallet for 14 pallets. Quick call to sod producer reveals 105 a pallet delivered plus 35 to unload truck.

    Difference of over 800 bucks but now im getting flak for going around my nursery. mind you she was only 190 a pallet for st augustine at 450 sqft per

    Centipied is 500sq ft per

    What would you do ??
  2. J Hisch

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    Catching flak from the Nursery? Or the Sod Farm? If it is the Nursery so what you saved a considerable amount of money. If they are upset becasue you didnt take delivery from them, then they are only looking out for number 1. I would then let them know that if they wish to sell sod to you in the future it need sto be more competitivley priced. If they try to raise their pricing on other things. I would find another Nursery. I always buy direct when ever I can.
  3. sheshovel

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    Go with the grower and not the nursery. Apparently the nursery is gouging you pretty good on the sod. If I read this correctly. Hey no hard feelings when it comes to doing business.
  4. Pro-Scapes

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    yeah thats what i thought. Just our good friend who happens to be the landscape team leader for the hospital made me almost feel guilty about ordering though the nursery ( I would have no problem with thier price on a small order) then calling to cancel it. I bought from woemer turf who is also the nurseries supplier. He knew when I called that the nursery had taken an order for it already.

    I will go talk to the nursery owner next week. Im sure she will under stand. I would of been happy to give her 20% mark up but her cost is even less than mine. The sod company was delivering to my jobsite anyways so all she had to do was handle payment and make the call. The price she quoted was damn near retail
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    If it's more than I can haul in 1 trip.....I buy directly from the farm.

    Middlemen always cry when they get cut out:cry:

    $800 for turning a deal that you could easily do on your own......:nono:

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