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    I just picked up my elderly neighbors house a few houses down 2 months ago. Well here daughter who lives the next street over has said what a great job I do and how I show up the same day on a weekly basis. Well her LCO shows up every 2 weeks to mow her St. Augustine and charges by the month. He did this with the elderly lady also. I told the mother that the lawns needs to be cut weekly for a health lawn. She agrees but does not want to let him go. Well she came up to me today and asked if I would weed wack their large commerical property that has large hills that cant be mowed because of the slope. It would be on call basis. Here lco does mow the commerical property every 3 weeks but only mows and edges. He charge monthly on this also.He will not weed wack at all. It is bahia grass. He lets it grow long then cuts it. I told her to tell this guy that this is his job to weed wack. I basically said I would not do it unless I maintanined the whole property to my high standards. She basically wants me to weed wack the hills when she calls me. He charges them monthly on this account also. I told her that the place would look beatiuful if I cut it. She agrees but says that she has had her lco for 6 years and would not want to lose him. "Are you kidding me I said in my mind". He is a rip off. Who cuts every 2 weeks in the summer months and 1 once a month in the winter months on healthy ,fertilized and irrigated ST. Augustine. What would you do in this matter? Who you weed wack it? I don't know how this guys stays in business. He has a few commercial accounts that I drive by and he does this to all off them. Cuts when he feels like it. He will show up Sunday morning to cut or all different days in the week. This family is well off and they have a sucessful business and many rental properties.
  2. Ive said this to you before and ill say it again....RUN

    The reason is because they dont want to pay.....
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    yah they sound cheap.. why wouldn't they just ask the guy already doing the monthly service just to do the extra trimming and charge them unless he is dirt cheap already.. sounds like they are just pulling one over on you
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    I have had several customers over the years that only wanted string trimming (weedwhacking) as they mowed themselves but couldn't or wouldn't trim. I have always quoted the price for full mowing service to do this. Just don' tell them that. Ironically, I did one today, trimming only for $75, and what I didn't tell them is, the price for mowing and trimming would be... $75. Most of the time, when you don't do the mowing, the trimming is a pain because the mowing is just not very good.
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    I agree with everyone else. Not once did you mention and kind of price he was charging.
    Maybe he charged the right price and they said that was too high. So he is cutting corners.
    I have been in business for 20 years and do 1 or 2 that way also because of the client. NOT me.

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